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Hightower is a video content and video production agency in London. We provide a range of in-house video production services that allow us to create content for a wide spectrum of businesses and brands looking to engage their audience, explain a product and drive sales. With over a decade of experience creating high-quality video content, we are experts in video production. Our services include CG animation, TV adverts, corporate videos, explainer videos, brand films, motion graphics, direct response TV production and video production planning.

Branded Content

Promotional Video

Corporate Video

Media Planning / Buying

TV Advert Production

DRTV production

CG Animation

Motion Graphics

What Are the Advantages of Promotional Videos?

The major advantage is that it is cheaper to produce and just as effective as a television commercial. It can be shared across various mediums, such as newsletters, emails, social media, video hosting sites and on your website. You can reach a more specific audience with a promotional video, ensuring that your marketing budget is well spent. Video promotion of a product increases sales by over 35%, and videos perform well on mobile sites where the majority of your shoppers will be found. It is also a great way to educate your audience and show them how your product works. The added bonus of being able to track the effectiveness of your promotional video through analysis makes it more attractive than television commercials.

How Videos Can Help Businesses and Brands Achieve More

Of businesses that use video, 83% believe it provides a high Return On Investment (ROI). A product video on your landing page could increase conversion to 80%, and 74% of people who watch an explainer video go on to make a purchase. A quality promotional video increases your reach. People who watch them use the share button to send it to their friends and social media contacts. A well-produced video builds trust with your audience, which is the foundation for conversion and sales. It also increases your visibility on search engines and makes your content more appealing to mobile users.

Are Promotional Videos Expensive?

While it might seem expensive to shoot a promotional video, it is cheaper than a television commercials. When done correctly, it drives engagement, increases brand awareness and ROI from your video marketing efforts. It might seem cheaper to film your promotional content yourself but the end product lacks professionalism and comes across as amateurish at best.

Why Choose Hightower Video Production?

Over 200 Satisfied Clients

We have developed a reputation for quality service in London. Some of our satisfied clients include SanDisk, Shutter Store and Tesco.

10 Years of Experience Working with Fortune 500s Through to SMEs

No project is too big or too small for us. We have the manpower and technology to create videos for large, medium and smaller sized companies.

Watch Our Promotional Videos Reel ***

You can visualise what we do by watching our promotional video reel.

Produced Video Content on Every Continent (Apart from the Antarctica)

We have produced content for universities in the USA and Australia, worked with large brands in Europe and created explainer videos for companies in every continent.

Creative and Experienced Video Production Professionals

Our team of video editors and creative people are professionals who can take on any task, however difficult and turn it into a fun message that your audience will enjoy watching.

We Produce Attention-grabbing and Cost-effective Promotional Videos

If you want to get your message across in a short timeframe, we can produce attractive videos that market your brand and product effectively.

Our Video Production Process

With each video production project, this is what we do:

  • Set measurable and achievable objectives for the video
  • Research your target audience
  • Decide on the core message you want to communicate
  • Create a video strategy
  • Write a video production brief
  • Write a script
  • Create a storyboard
  • Plan the shoot
  • Shoot the footage
  • Edit the video
  • Add special effects and graphics
  • Add soundtrack and record voiceover
  • Distribute the video

Our Video Production Team


The most involved person on and off set. The Director ensures that both crew and cast get the job done. They oversee all parts of the production.


The initial contact, they assemble the production team and are involved throughout the lifecycle of the project.

Director of Photography

The DP is in charge of lighting and the camera.

Makeup Artist

Apply makeup or prosthetics to the relevant cast members during filming.


Involved in post-production, they take all the raw footage and turn it into a finished product for distribution.

Sound Recordist

Responsible for recording the sound happening on set.

Motion Graphics Specialist

Creates captivating and attention-grabbing visual elements that enhance the quality of the video.

Our Video Production Services

We offer animation, television commercials, promotional videos, corporate videos and branded content. We can develop a video strategy and produce your video.

Video Strategy

The video strategy is based on our understanding of your target audience and your company. We combine both to create a strategy that best promotes your product, whilst addressing your audience’s pain points and maintaining your company’s tone of voice.

Content Planning

This includes organising all the logistics and creative aspects of video production. It is where we study your audience, create a well-researched strategy in-line with your objectives and decide how to use your video content to achieve a high ROI. Logistical details include transportation, location and other resources.

Video Production Strategy

This is where the production teams map out a plan that caters to each stage of video production.

Concept and Storyboarding

The concept is created by our creative team. It is based on our market research of your target audience and your goals for the video. After approval, we move to storyboard. Storyboarding is the visual representation of your video using illustrations and drawings to map out how the video will flow. It is a blueprint that our team agrees on. We use it to hash out specific shots and details and remove bad ideas.

Script Augmentation and Development

For your video to succeed, the message has to be clear, concise and well-received by your audience. Visual aspects must flow naturally with audio. Hightower London uses some of the best scriptwriters to create online and TV ads that work. Our editors and visual effects specialists work together to create a compelling, powerful and entertaining message that delivers ROI for your marketing budget.

Campaign Planning

Success is not always guaranteed with video marketing. Proper planning is required ensure that the campaign as a whole is cohesive and well implemented from the beginning until post-production. Hightower London considers your target audience and your available budget when creating an advertising campaign. We ensure that we create a message that is consistent with your brand personality and core values.

Video Brand Guidelines

Hightower London can help you develop video branding guidelines for complete consistency, streamlined production and improved brand awareness. Without establishing guidelines, you risk compromising your brand image and sending mixed messages to your audience. A solid set of guidelines developed by Hightower on your behalf ensures that your video is a seamless part of your communication strategy. This includes general do’s and don’ts, digital distribution guidelines, approved animation styles, animated character guidelines, casting criteria, establishing deliverables and defining your brand’s voice and personality.

Project Management

For successful filming of your video, you need a professional agency like Hightower London to manage the entire process. Our excellent Producers also double as Project Managers, and they are involved in the planning right down to delivering your content.

Video Production and Post-Production

The three main stages of making a video are a pre-production, video production and post-production. All the decisions and planning in the pre-production stage are put into action in the production stage. The production process lasts the entire time of the shooting. Post-production begins after filming is over. It includes editing, sound mixing, voice over, graphics and colouring.

Live Action Video Production

Some critics say that live-action videos are too expensive but we argue that it is the only way to go if you want to deliver a message with a real human impact. Popular live-action videos include screencast videos for a service such as a software, testimonial videos where a customer talks about how your product has benefited them and explainer videos that showcase the value and benefits of your products. Hightower London’s team can produce any type of live-action video at a competitive price.


Most of the popular brands are moving towards animated videos as an exciting new way to engage their audience. It is a great way to tell your story, communicate a dense or complex message and highlight your product or company in the best possible light. Hightower Video Production has an in-house team of 2D and 3D animation experts who are comfortable with software such as Maya and Cinema4D. Our animation video services are competitive, high-quality and effective.

Visual FX and Motion Graphics

Visual effect combines existing footage with computer-generated imagery (CGI) to create a realistic scene. Motion graphics or design is an animated graphic in motion. We have an in-house team of motion graphic designers and CGI expects who will create a video that grabs the audience’s attention. The video we produce is exciting, interesting, memorable and engaging. It is perfect for a television commercial, explainer video or typographical. Our team can go the whole distance with an AFX production or use simple motion graphics for your video.

Studio ‘set build’ Shoots

Video adverts in the UK are usually filmed in a studio-built set. We can create a customised set design and build a set that realises the potential of your project.  A medium size set build takes about a week. Sometimes, we have to create everything from scratch and other times we can use an existing room. Whatever your project demands, our creative team in London will handle the set build to suit your preference. Set build is a cheaper option, and ensures that there are no distractions during filming.

Location & International Filming

Scouting the ideal location is one of the vital stages in pre-production of a commercial. The location for a live-action shoot has to be realistic and complement the video script. Sometimes, it requires travelling to specific areas of the UK or outside the UK to find the ideal location. We conduct all the necessary research, find the location, handle travel arrangements and accommodation for everyone. When you choose Hightower Video Production London, you enjoy a high quality of work, that is designed to relieve you of stress whilst remaining consistent.

Casting Actors and Voice Overs

There are many factors that influence casting decisions. Hightower has a formula that it uses to ensure that we cast the best actors for your video. We consider their acting ability, look at chemistry with co-actors, fee, availability, natural connection to the role and presence. We present you with five options to choose from for each role. If you have a celebrity or brand representative, we can also work with them. If there is a specific actor that you want to work with, we can reach out to their representatives on your behalf.

Music Clearance and Licensing

You must get clearance from an artist before using their song for your promotional content. The music supervisors at Hightower Video Production in London will conduct appropriate research to find which copyrighted songs require a license and then obtain the license on your behalf.

Original Music Composition and Recording

When looking for a song to accompany your advert, it might be hard to find the perfect song without paying for a licence. We can compose an original song for your advertising campaign using a team of composers and music experts.

Sound Dubbing

Also known as re-recording, or mixing, it is a post-production process where additional recordings are mixed with existing material. It usually involves replacing an actor’s voice speaking one language with a person speaking another language. We can either do a foreign language dubbing or voice-over dubbing.

Broadcast Technical Compliance and Delivery

When you choose Hightower Video Production in London, you are assured that your promotional video will meet the technical broadcast requirements of the UK advertising regulation bodies including the Advertising Standards Authority and the Competition and Market Authority. We can deliver your video in any content format that you choose to online and television media.

Post-Production CGI and Editing

This is the stage where our CGI artists and animators use their creative talent and craft to bring your video production to life, and we use the latest CGI software to create realistic special effects. Hightower staffs an in-house team of expert video editors who take your raw footage and turn it into an engaging promotional video that thrills your audience.

Crewing and Filming (Multi or Single Camera)

When we obtain your permission for the video, we decide on the size of the crew for the project. We also have to determine the type of filming. For large events, we use multiple cameras and for smaller events such as a promotional videos, we use a single camera.

TV Advert  Production

Hightower is a London based television commercial production company with over 10 years of industry experience. We are known for cost-effective television commercial production for all types of companies across various industries in the UK. We take care of the entire process of planning, production and post-production. Our cutting-edge technology and in-house production resources allow us to make the most of your budget without sacrificing quality.

Clearcast approval process for TV adverts

Clearcast clears commercials for broadcast on the UK’s major commercial channels to ensure the ad follows established UK regulations. Clearcast has complex rules that must be met before your commercial can air in the UK. Hightower London has built a reputation over the years that makes us your source of expert knowledge on the type of video content that will be approved.

The submission process can be difficult for first-time companies submitting a commercial, but we have a good record for obtaining broadcast approval. When your video is not approved, we know how to properly edit your video to ensure that it is in an approvable form. To learn more about the Clearcast process, please call our office number in London.

Digital Delivery to TV Channels for TV Adverts

As television becomes increasingly digital, advertising has to follow suit to avoid being left behind. Hightower London uses a fully digitised system to deliver your video content through cloud or through a secure file. We ensure that your video advert reaches the broadcaster on time to be aired.


You can make a great video but without proper editing to tie it together, it fails. Without editing all the aspects of video production are weak. The video editors at Hightower Video Production London put it all together. We ensure that the sound and visuals match, we add animation and graphics and we include finishing touches for the perfect flow.

Video Production Marketing

As video continues to rise as the preferred method for engaging audiences, conveying messages and showcasing your company’s products and services, it is crucial that you work with a video production company that knows how to effectively market your video. Our production experts leave no stone unturned. We ensure that the video we create grabs your audience’s attention from the first second. It is well presented and delivered, and we also monitor viewer engagement with your video.

Video Distribution

Not every video production outfit in London knows how to effectively distribute your content, but we do. We know how to get your video on major hosting providers such as Daily Motion, Vimeo, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. We are also able to embed the commercial on your landing pages, email and homepage in order to increase visibility.

Video Advertising

Video advertising covers all online display adverts that have video. It is a great way for companies to drive sales, convey a message and engage their audience. Our team of advertising gurus will craft a compelling message based on our market research and target it at your audience. We can produce any type of video advertisement include linear and non-linear advertisements. All video advertisements comply with IAB guidelines. If you need more information, please contact our London office for more information.


Distinguishing features of corporate videos is that they are created for non-advertisement purposes. They are commissioned by a corporation or business in order to communicate with a specific audience. They are usually targeted towards a company’s internal employees or core selling demographics. The time and scale of the video production depends on the message.

Sales Videos

Think of a sales video as a replacement for a salesperson. It sells your pitch to the prospect or audience member you are trying to convert, using visuals and sound. The goal is to use an entertaining display to demonstrate the value of the product and persuade the target audience to make a purchase.

YouTube Optimisation

When Google purchased YouTube, it became more influential not just for its’ ability to get your video in front of your target audience but its ability to improve your search engine rankings. As YouTube optimisation specialists, Hightower Video Production London is adept at optimising your video to rank high, increase visibility as well as the reach of your video.

Sales Analysis

The video goals for your company are to attract new customers, engage your audience, nurture prospects, delight your customers and increase sales. When you choose Hightower for your video production, you can measure the effectiveness of your video campaign. We have a sales analysis metrics that measure each of your marketing goals, purchase intent, emotional response and the impact on sales.

Video Production Sectors We’ve Recently Worked With

At Hightower Video Production London, we take immense pride in the videos we produce. We have covered a wide range of sectors including beauty, education, home improvement and government.

Home Improvement

Home improvement explainer videos is an area in which we excel. One of our repeat clients is the Shutter Store. We have also created promotional videos for Canopies UK and Crocodile Verandas.


Hightower Video Production London has created numerous videos for institutions in the educational sector in countries such as the US, UK and Australia. Some of our well-known clients include the University of Sydney and the University of Southern California.


In the UK, we have worked with multiple government agencies and departments. We have created promotional videos that showcase existing and new services to UK residents/citizens.


In the healthcare sector, we have created promotional video content for CooperRiis Healing centre and the NHS.

Consumer Technology

Here, we have worked with a Dutch transport firm called ITS. We have also created explainer videos for Innospec, the popular SanDisk and worked on videos for software developed by Educational Cubed called Cubed View Software.


Hightower Video Production London has worked with Swell Hair to create explainer videos for a range of premium hair products. You can view this video on our website, under the portfolio section.

Promotional Videos

A promotional video is a commercial that tells your prospects and customers about your products and services. It is a short and concise video that portrays your business in a positive light, making it attractive to your target audience. The video can be distributed on YouTube, social media, emails as well as on your website.

Brand Videos

Brand videos incorporate all forms of business video content. An engaging brand video lifts your content, makes your brand competitive and engages your target audience. It usually begins with a customer’s story, which is linked to a product. The emphasis is on the interaction with the customer and the brand, and particularly on how the product worked.

Our Latest Videos

GRB Promo –

University of Sydney –

University of Southern California –

The Shutter Store –

SanDisk –

Behind The Scenes

If you want to learn more about what goes on behind the scenes of the video production process, access the Behind the Scenes video, where you can watch our experts in action.

If you are ready for a free quote, get in touch with Hightower Video Production services in London. You can reach us by email or telephone or visit our office in London. Our friendly team of video producers and editors are waiting to discuss your next project.


This is also known as YouTube optimisation and can be achieved by uploading excellent content, targeting specific groups, and using keywords in your titles and tags to ensure that your video is visible. Production agencies often have YouTube optimisation experts who can help with this.

You can promote your YouTube video by investing in advertising on the platform, targeting a specific audience, using keyword-rich titles and tags, as well as add-on software, such as Adwords.

When creating high-quality videos, a number of factors need to be taken into consideration. An agency with a high production value will produce better content and videos that you can be associated with, while using tactics, such as keywording to make the video visible.

Promotional videos are a great marketing tool for product launches. The video can be embedded in the company’s website, distributed through email campaigns, shared on social media or even distributed on DVDs. This creates a buzz around the products and captures public interest.

Music visualisation serves as a way for both musicians and non-musicians to connect with a song. This is important in the sense that visualisation attracts attention to the elaborate designs and patterns generated by the song’s frequency and wavelength, keeping viewers interested in the music.

Video editors are well-versed in using editing software to ensure that the subtitle track and video and audio components are in perfect synchronisation.

Stabilising shaky footage is an aspect of post-production and is usually done by an editor, using editing software.

If the desired music is copyrighted, the production team must request permission to use the song in advance. This often comes with a fee. During post-production, the editor can insert the music into the video.

Video editors use editing software such as Adobe Premium to put raw footage together, enhance the audio and video quality of the video, and add final touches such as graphics and animation.

A music video is a short film accompanied by a song. Music video production involves the same process as other videos, from pre-production to post-production. The aim of the video is to show the artist in a creative light and popularise his music.

Medical video production enables medical professionals to display health-related information to the general public or other health professionals. Medical videos are often short and highly informative.

Explainer videos show your customers how to use your products. This replaces the need for employee demonstrations either over the phone or in person. Explainer videos are especially useful if you have a relatively complicated product or a product that requires assembly.

Animation is not only effective for explainer videos but is often incorporated into promotional videos for businesses. Infographics and topography motion graphic animations are often used to liven up otherwise boring presentations, such as graphs and charts. Animation can also serve as the opener/closer for any type of video presentation.

Corporate videos showcase the voice and culture of your company to the world. They attract potential clients to your business, and keep current clients informed. This creates a demand for your services, which, in turn, generates sales income.

Corporate videos are commissioned by companies for internal purposes. Company overview videos, promotional films, staff training, safety videos and shareholder/investor videos are examples of corporate videos often hosted on company websites. These videos are more of an in-house communication strategy and are shared mostly through social media and email campaigns.

Audio/video productions are any broadcast medium involving both a visual and sound components. Television, web streaming and video conferencing are all examples of audio/video productions.

Planning is very important in video production. You must familiarise yourself with the different phases of production, understand what each stage entails, and plan your budget in advance.

When budgeting for video production, share your ideas with a video production agency and they can give you an idea of the costs associated with tasks, such as music licensing, compensation for the cast and crew, cost of equipment, travel for location shoots and so on.

The cost of production depends on many factors. A short promo video can cost anywhere from £2,500 to £10,000, which is a broad range. The costs can run higher too, depending on your needs. Filming on location, use of celebrities, and licensing of certain types of music can run into the tens or hundreds of thousands of pounds each.

While shooting a video on your own may seem cheaper, it is always better to use a video production company. The production of high-quality videos requires a lot of work, and should be undertaken by professionals.

Videos are one of the most viewed methods of disseminating information. Videos can be made for virtually every platform, and can be embedded on your website to boost visibility. Video ads have been used by companies to increase awareness, explain services and boost sales.

We produce different types of videos at Hightower. Our professionals have years of experience in producing branded content videos, promotional videos, TV adverts, direct response TV production, corporate videos, motion graphics, and CG animation.

Video production goes through different phases. In pre-production, the team focuses on the concept, script and logistics involved in making a video. This also includes permission for any licensed content the client wishes to use. Shooting the video takes place in the production phase; the post-production team edits the footage, inserts visual effects and music, and adds any other final touches.

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