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Tired of cookie-cutter ads that miss the mark? You need crisp, clear TV advertising that speaks directly to your audience. At Hightower, we make commercials that start conversations. Besides just producing videos, we sell your brand. We work with the most creative and strategic minds in marketing to find out what makes your business tick.

The product?

A touching message unlike any in your niche. For almost 10 years, we have brought SMEs in Richmond upon Thames closer to clients through crisp clear video commercials. TV adverts provide a wonderful medium to reach new and existing customers daily; every video counts.

Hightower, Richmond upon Thames: where innovation meets imagination

With television advertising, you need a professional team to help you stand out. Our services are comprehensive, ranging from scriptwriting to acting, voiceover, editing, animation, rendering and distributing. Does government ad censorship bother you? Don’t fret, our video ads are known to pass the Clear cast test without compromising the message. Regardless of the type of video; product launch or promotional, our expert video team can send the message across.

Hightower’s TV commercial production process

TV advertising allows you to build a brand your customers can endear themselves to. To convert audiences into customers, likability is important for any brand. Winning consumers’ hearts is a lot easier when your brand has a strong appeal. At Hightower, we make brands likeable using smart and witty video advertising. We have access to creatives, media buyers, planners and professional production teams. From start to air date, we can produce your whole television commercial. Here is a summary of our production process:

Pre-production set

You can submit any briefs you may have for video ideas via email or contact us directly. Our producer will assign a creative director to help with the creative development of your project. The art director (AD) will formulate a creative concept from your video brief. The creative concept aims to satisfy the requirements of your video. The CD will first work with the scriptwriter to produce a series of scripts for your video. The next step is a review where you will decide which script aligns best with your intended message. Having selected a script, a storyboard artist will draw the plot on a visual board. Sketching the work first simplifies the video production process. Next, the producer will proceed with scheduling and budget planning for the video production.

Making the video

Based on the project scope, shooting may take place in a studio, an exclusive location or both. Although the video may only last 30 to 60 seconds, the shoot could take a day or even several weeks, due to certain complexities involved with TV ads. Notwithstanding, our customers are guaranteed a project that will be delivered before deadline.


After the shoot, the post-production unit handles the rushes for final editing. The raw footage will be used by an editor to build a suitable narrative. It is also their job to make sure the video comes out high-quality and clearly rendered. Next, the graphics and animation team will work their magic and add quality to the video. The size of the budget, product and business, will determine the range or scale of graphics that will be used in the video ad. We have a solid music library for your sound score. We buy them legitimately for all our video projects including yours. But if you want, we can make a song just for your video commercial. Finally, one of our talented vocalists will narrate your ad in a convincing way that suits your brand. At Hightower, Richmond upon Thames, we pride ourselves in the crisp, clean quality of our finished videos. In addition, our videos make great investment returns! Want a TV advert that will keep your phone ringing all day? Contact us today

Frequently asked question

Most people like to know more about our video production technique. We have listed some frequently asked questions below:

Are TV adverts not costly?

Yes, not too long ago, TV ads were costly, but things are different now. Today, you have better negotiation advantage for media slots with the numerous channels on digital satellite and terrestrial TV. Furthermore, we use flexible methods that make it possible to personalise videos according to your budget- no matter how big or small.

Do I get a lower rate for submitting creative ideas?

Sure, you can. Hightower creatives work with clients to produce quality ads. But bringing an idea is only a fraction of the actual production. When you think of other operational aspects like writing, acting, filming, voice-over and so on, the price doesn’t change.

Suppose I want my voice-over artiste to be a celebrity?

Sure, as long as your budget is sufficient. You should note however, that an unfit celebrity can affect the success of your video. Although a celebrity is liked by many people, some personalities could be incompatible with your brand. A less-popular but talented actor will save you money and help you achieve the objectives of your video ad.

Why Hightower?

With our own resources, we produce creative and high-quality production services. Therefore, we don’t need to employ third-part contractors. We help you to maximise your budget by taking full responsibility for every part of the project. We pride ourselves in producing probably the best quality videos and TV adverts in Richmond upon Thames. The following brands make up our clientele Santander, Maxell, Tesco, Aecom, Hitachi and SanDisk Go to our work page a see some of our award-winning television ads.

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Hightower Video is proud to offer TV Advert Production services.
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York House, Twickenham serves as London Borough Of Richmond Upon Thames's local authority administrative headquarters.
London Borough Of Richmond Upon Thames is part of Greater London.
London Borough Of Richmond Upon Thames is attributed to shire districts including Fulwell, Mortlake, Strawberry Hill, Hampton Hill, and Whitton.
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Hightower Video's TV Advert Production service area in the London Borough of London Borough Of Richmond Upon Thames also includes Fulwell, Petersham, Twickenham, Swan Island, and Richmond.
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