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Television Advertising by Hightower Video Productions, Tower Hamlets

Tired of cookie-cutter ads that miss the mark? You deserve professionally made TV ads that talk to your target group. At Hightower, we make commercials that start conversations. We do more than make videos; we sell you. Our creative and critical-thinking team will push the standards of your business.

The result?

A distinctive message that stands out from the crowd. We have connected audiences to big and small brands in Tower Hamlets for almost ten years with excellent TVC ads. TV adverts provide a wonderful medium to reach new and existing customers daily; every video counts.

Hightower, Tower Hamlets: where smarts meets arts

To make your television advertising stand out, you need a professional video company. We do the whole shebang; script production, development, acting, graphics, editing and posting. Concerned about government ad censor reviews? Don’t be, we have a history of producing Clear cast-compliant video ads that communicate the message. Hightower’s professional video team will drive the message home to your audience whether you are launching a new product or promoting a sales drive.

The Television advertising process at Hightower

Advertising your business on TV creates an opportunity for customers to love your brand. Being a likable brand is one of the first steps to sales conversion. Convincing potential customers to buy is easier when you have a friendly brand. At Hightower, we make brands likeable using smart and witty video advertising. Our network in the industry includes creatives, producers, media planners and buyers. We specialise in producing video adverts from conception to air date. Our production process is straightforward:

Pre-production part

You can email or contact us directly to share a brief for a video script you may have. A creative director will be assigned to work on the production of your video. The creative director (CD) will listen to your project needs and formulate a suitable plan for the big idea. The concept will be made to fit the message of your video. The CD will first work with the scriptwriter to produce a series of scripts for your video. You will be asked to choose from the scripts, the most fitting message for your business. Having selected a script, a storyboard artist will draw the plot on a visual board. Sketching the work first simplifies the video production process. From storyboarding, the producer starts on the timetable of events and draws up a budget.

Video making

Depending on the scale of your project, we may decide to shoot in a studio or specific location – sometimes both. For videos as short as 30 or 60 seconds, filming may take days or weeks, because of complications that may arise. However, we promise to keep your project on schedule no matter what.


Upon completion, the raw footage (rushes) will be taken to the post-production team. From the raw footage, the editor will design a narrative for the ad. Their work includes producing a well-rendered, crisp quality finished piece. Next, the graphics and animation team will work their magic and add quality to the video. The size of the budget, product and business, will determine the range or scale of graphics that will be used in the video ad. For the music, Hightower has a rich music library to choose from. Our sound engineer will purchase legitimate music that suits your video. However, we can also compose an original score, depending on your preference. Finally, we will get an amazing voice-over talent to narrate your ad in a manner fitting of your brand. If you want high definition quality, we doubt you would find any in Tower Hamlets as crisp as Hightower videos. What’s more, our videos provide a great return on your investment (ROI). Looking to produce a TV commercial that will blow up your phone? Use our online form; send us a message today

Frequently asked questions

We usually get enquiries from customers about our operations. We have listed some frequently asked questions below:

Are TV adverts not costly?

Sure, people once broke bank to make TV ads- but the options are different today. Today, you have better negotiation advantage for media slots with the numerous channels on digital satellite and terrestrial TV. Additionally, we have flexible options that allow you to choose quality videos for any budget size you have.

Suppose I suggest an idea- do I get a price reduction?

Not necessarily. Creatives at Hightower are always willing to brainstorm ideas with clients. But bringing an idea is only a fraction of the actual production. Aspects of production such as scripting, storyboarding, project management, acting, and editing make add to the pricing.

Can I select any celebrity I want?

Yes, we can, given you have the funds for it. However, it is important to choose a good brand fit when making a TV ad. Even though celebrities are opinion leaders, some may be unfit to represent your business. A less-popular but talented actor will save you money and help you achieve the objectives of your video ad.

Why Hightower?

We deliver well on innovation and production, as well as our using our own equipment. All services are performed by us- not some third-party contractor. By managing the video project from conception to finish, we make it more economical for you. We pride ourselves in producing probably the best quality videos and TV adverts in Tower Hamlets. Our clientele consists of brands such as Aecom, Santander, SanDisk, Tesco, Hitachi and Maxell Visit our work tab to see some prize-winning television adverts.

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Information about Tower Hamlets, London

Hightower Video is proud to offer TV Advert Production services.
London Borough Of Tower Hamlets is a Borough located in Greater London in England.
London Borough Of Tower Hamlets's local attractions include Town of Ramsgate, Vyner Street, Tower of London, Black Eagle Brewery, and Prospect of Whitby.
Found within London Borough Of Tower Hamlets are a number of prominent rivers and waterways including Hertford Union Canal, Limehouse Basin, Bow Creek (London), London Docklands, and Limehouse Cut.
Located in Greater London, London Borough Of Tower Hamlets forms part of Tower Hamlets London Borough Council in England.
Limehouse Town Hall is London Borough Of Tower Hamlets's local authority administrative HQ.
London Borough Of Tower Hamlets is located in Greater London.
London Borough Of Tower Hamlets is associated with county districts including Bow, Bromley-by-Bow, East Smithfield, Tower Hill, and Canning Town.
The Borough of London Borough Of Tower Hamlets parliamentary constituencies include Poplar and Limehouse (UK Parliament constituency), and Bethnal Green and Bow (UK Parliament constituency).
London Borough Of Tower Hamlets is formed by a number of settlements including Spitalfields, Isle of Dogs, Lower Lea Valley, Tower Hill, Limehouse, Bromley-by-Bow, and Whitechapel.
Hightower Video's TV Advert Production service area in the Borough of London Borough Of Tower Hamlets also includes Aldgate, St George in the East (parish), Bethnal Green, Globe Town, and Wapping.
Other primary service areas of Hightower Video within in London Borough Of Tower Hamlets, England accommodate Mile End, Thames Gateway, Poplar, Fish Island, and Canary Wharf,
as well as London Borough Of Tower Hamlets's outlying urban areas Canning Town, Cambridge Heath, Vyner Street, Shoreditch, and Bow Common.
Last in order but nevertheless important, Hightower Video's TV Advert Production services cover the wider London Borough Of Tower Hamlets area including East London, East End of London, Lansbury Estate, Shadwell, and East Smithfield.
The small communities of Fournier Street, and Bow are located within London Borough Of Tower Hamlets, Greater London.
Royal London Hospital, Mile End Hospital, and Blizard Building within London Borough Of Tower Hamlets are known through out the England and the United Kingdom.
Notable educational establishments in London Borough Of Tower Hamlets include Mulberry Academy Shoreditch, and Stepney Green Maths.
London Borough Of Tower Hamlets benefits from a number of local authority services including Limehouse Library.
Informal learning environments in London Borough Of Tower Hamlets include the Tower of London, and Museum of Immigration and Diversity.
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London Borough Of Tower Hamlets has a notable history, including Tower division, Trinity Buoy Wharf, London Yard, Metropolitan Borough of Bethnal Green, and Liberties of the Tower of London.
London Borough Of Tower Hamlets is the Borough where a number of businesses were founded including London Community Credit Union, Tower Hamlets Summer University, and East End Dwellings Company.
Roman Road, London is one of London Borough Of Tower Hamlets's shopping centers and a focal point of local commerce.