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TV Ads by Hightower Video Productions, Waltham Forest

Had enough of generic ads with no substance? You need crisp, clear TV advertising that speaks directly to your audience. At Hightower, we produce ground-breaking ads. We don’t just make a video, we sell your product. We work with the most creative and strategic minds in marketing to find out what makes your business tick.

The effect?

A standout video the pales your competitors’ videos For almost a decade, we have used quality video advertising to build relationships between customers and businesses (big and small) in Waltham Forest. TV messaging provides a huge platform to reach your audience daily, so don’t miss the chance to make yours count.

Hightower in Waltham Forest: imagination and ingenuity

To make your television advertising stand out, you need a professional video company. Our operations cover the full production including scripting, acting, filming, illustration, rendering and publishing. Does government ad censorship bother you? Don’t worry, we produce advertising that passes the Clear cast test, whilst meeting its communication goals. Hightower’s professional video team will drive the message home to your audience whether you are launching a new product or promoting a sales drive.

Making the ad: Hightower’s unique process

TV advertising allows you to build a brand your customers can endear themselves to. Having a likable brand is important if you want people to buy your product. Convincing potential customers to buy is easier when you have a friendly brand. We build likable brands at Hightower, by creating witty video ads. We have access to creatives, media buyers, planners and professional production teams. We specialise in producing video adverts from conception to air date. Here is short description of our production technique:

Pre-production part

If you have a brief or idea for video communication, you may submit it to us via email or call our direct line. Our producer usually starts by assigning the project to an art director. The creative director (CD) will pick out the defining parts of your brief and develop a concept. The creative concept aims to satisfy the requirements of your video. The AD will contact a scriptwriter to start with some scripts for the video project. In the next step of pre-production, you will review the scripts to determine the best idea for your brand. When you choose a script, a storyboard artist will draw the concept on a visual board. Sketching the work first simplifies the video production process. After storyboarding, the producer sets up a budget and draws a schedule for project.

Video creation

We may decide to shoot in a studio, or a location or both, depending on project terms. Due to certain filming complications, shooting may last days or several weeks, even for videos 30 – 60 seconds long. Rest assured, we will not delay your project or spend more time than is necessary.


At this stage, we give the rushes (raw footage) to the post-production department. The editor’s role is to build a narrative from the available rushes. He or she is also going to edit the video to crystal clear quality. Then the graphics and animation team will add some finesse to the video. The graphics component of the video will be determined by the budget, product, brand and your preferences. As for music, we have a rich repertoire of songs at Hightower. Our sound engineer will purchase legitimate music that suits your video. More so, we can compose an original song just for your video. Finally, we’ll hire a voice-over talent to complete the advert with a befitting narration that sells the idea/message, just the way you like it. If you want high definition quality, we doubt you would find any in Waltham Forest as crisp as Hightower videos. Plus, our videos guarantee good return on investment, in sales. Need a television advert that will increase business inquiries? Contact us today

Frequently asked questions

Many of our clients often ask questions about shooting a TV commercial for their business. Here is a compilation of our most asked questions:

Are television ads not too expensive?

Yes, not too long ago, TV ads were costly, but things are different now. It is easier to find cheap media slots with many television channels available on satellite and local television networks. In addition, our adaptable production techniques make it easier to customise quality videos to match your budget.

Do I get a lower rate for submitting creative ideas?

We welcome suggestions. Hightower professionals are happy to collaborate with clients on ideas. However, the idea is just one part of the creative process. Aspects of production such as scripting, storyboarding, project management, acting, and editing make add to the pricing.

Can you hire a celebrity for my video ad?

Yes, you can, provided you have a good budget. However, it is important to choose a good brand fit when making a TV ad. While a celebrity may be popular, they might not have the right persona for your brand. If you use a non-celebrity actor who is just as talented, it will cost you less and even improve the quality of your video.

Why Hightower?

With our own resources, we produce creative and high-quality production services. Rest assured, we don’t hire third-party workers. At Hightower, we are 100% responsible for our projects; this will maximise your expenses. We have earned a reputation in Waltham Forest for producing high-quality videos and TV ads. The following brands make up our clientele Santander, Maxell, Tesco, Aecom, Hitachi and SanDisk You can see some of our award-winning TVC ads on our work-page

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Information about Waltham Forest, London

Hightower Video is proud to offer TV Advert Production services in London Borough Of Waltham Forest.
London Borough Of Waltham Forest, Greater London, a London Borough located in England.
London Borough Of Waltham Forest's local attractions include Walthamstow Market.
A number of waterways and rivers such as Coppermill Stream, and Dagenham Brook are located within London Borough Of Waltham Forest.
London Borough Of Waltham Forest is part of the Waltham Forest London Borough Council local authority administrative area in Greater London in England.
London Borough Of Waltham Forest is part of Greater London.
London Borough Of Waltham Forest is attributed to shire districts including Bakers Arms, Hale End, Cann Hall, Chingford, and Whipps Cross.
London Borough Of Waltham Forest's administrative wards and subdivisions also include Hatch Lane (ward), Lea Bridge (Waltham Forest ward), Grove Green (ward), Hoe Street (ward), and Chingford Green (ward).
London Borough's including London Borough Of Waltham Forest are split are representated parliamentary constituencies such as Chingford and Woodford Green (UK Parliament constituency), Leyton and Wanstead (UK Parliament constituency), and Walthamstow (UK Parliament constituency).
London Borough Of Waltham Forest contains a number of settlements including Walthamstow, Upper Walthamstow, Chingford, South Chingford, Friday Hill, Chingford Hatch, and Cann Hall.
Highams Park, Leytonstone, East London, Hale End, and Leyton are included withinin Hightower Video's TV Advert Production service area in the London Borough of London Borough Of Waltham Forest.
Other primary service areas of Hightower Video within in London Borough Of Waltham Forest, England accommodate Bakers Arms, Walthamstow Village, Leyton Grange, Whipps Cross, and Chingford Mount,
Whipps Cross University Hospital within London Borough Of Waltham Forest are known through out the England and the United Kingdom.
Well-known schools in London Borough Of Waltham Forest are The Lammas School, and Leyton Sixth Form College.
Promoting cultural heritage in London Borough Of Waltham Forest is the Queen Elizabeth's Hunting Lodge, and Vestry House Museum.
Whipps Cross University Hospital catchment areas includes London Borough Of Waltham Forest.
Leyton Marsh, Parks and open spaces in the London Borough of Waltham Forest, and Eton Manor are the most notable parks and open spaces in London Borough Of Waltham Forest and are famous through out England.
Bakers Arms, Lea Bridge Road, and A11 road (England) are intrinsic to London Borough Of Waltham Forest transport infastructure.
Examples of famous architecture in London Borough Of Waltham Forest include Walthamstow Stadium.
Blended into London Borough Of Waltham Forest a number of buildings of national importance can be found including Grade II listed buildings in the London Borough of Waltham Forest, Chingford United Reformed Church, St Edmund, Grade II* listed buildings in the London Borough of Waltham Forest, and Vestry House Museum.
Many churches are still located in London Borough Of Waltham Forest, Kingsway International Christian Centre, Our Lady of Grace and St Teresa of Avila, and St Peter and St Paul to name but a few.
Included in the long history of London Borough Of Waltham Forest are Municipal Borough of Leyton, Vestry House Museum, Waltham Forest (Legal Forest), Temple Mills, and Municipal Borough of Walthamstow.
London Borough Of Waltham Forest's shopping centers are famous and people flock to New Spitalfields Market