Laser Eye Surgery Case Study

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Client are the leaders in lens replacement and laser eye surgery
They are the market leaders in the UK
Their TV ad wasn’t generating sufficient leads/conversions
They were considering not using TV as a medium
TV ad was classy and cool
But it didn’t state the core benefits of the brand
They asked Hightower Video. to create a more responsive version

There are 3 types of TV adverts:
Branding ads: Coca Cola, Chanel, etc
Direct Response TV ads: Kitchen Magic, Conservatory Insulations
Brand Response ads: A bit of both
Client’s did not adhere to the core DRTV (Direct Response) principles
There were some great visuals, classy ad overall
But you have no idea what the ad is for in first 22 out of 60 seconds
No pace or urgency to get someone to call / act now
Weak script, dull music and slow voice over
Basically … the DR elements were weak

We STARTED the TV ad by presenting the problem
Punchier script
Stronger up-tempo music to increase urgency
Better voice over performance
Info Bar was bigger, more intrusive, more dominant
Optegra logo was bigger
Movement in phone number/web address when mentioned
Result = Client is delighted with results
Campaign #1 just finished and Response levels much improved
Client booked an £80k campaign for April 2020

Whilst the number of Users /Sessions showed a small increase
Consultations booked almost trebled – great conversion

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