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Hightower is a video production agency which specialises in TV adverts, brand films and corporate videos. We are based in the UK. We are your go-to experts on video production, with decades of experience in promotional videos, CG animation, media planning/buying, motion graphics, branded content, and direct response TV production. We operate out of two offices in London and Brighton, and we are always available to take care of your online and TV marketing requirements.

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What Are the Advantages of Promotional Videos?

Promotional videos are produced at a lower cost than television commercials and can reach a wider and targeted audience. They are a great way to showcase your company’s products, services and facilities. Promotional videos are often pay-per-view, which means you only have to pay for the advert if the video is viewed in its entirety. These ads are also more beneficial than conventional advertising, in the sense that they require a lower investment, and potential customers can easily link to your website to purchase whatever you are selling. Some online hosts, such as YouTube, will even provide information that makes it easier to track your return on investment (ROI).

How Videos Can Help Businesses and Brands Achieve More

Promotional videos have proven to be an effective marketing tool for businesses and brands. Consumers watch billions of adverts on platforms, such as YouTube, and a third of these viewers are likely to buy a product after viewing the ad. Not only do customers watch the videos, they also share them with their friends or connections on social media platforms. Eye-catching promotional videos can greatly increase sales. They also serve as a great method of educating audiences. This is especially relevant in an age where a significant percentage of the world’s population uses social media and other internet sites. Videos are often highly rated in search engine algorithms, so sharing your videos and embedding them in your website will enhance visibility.

Are Promotional Videos Expensive?

Many processes are involved in the production of a promotional video. While these make promotional videos quite expensive to shoot, they are still more cost effective than TV adverts. Some businesses or individuals may try to cut costs by producing the videos themselves. We strongly advise against this, especially considering the amount of work involved in creating a high-quality video. At Hightower, we provide the best in professional video production.

Why Choose Hightower Video Production?

There are a number of reasons why you should entrust us with the production of your promotional videos:

Over 200 Satisfied Clients

Our portfolio includes projects done for many organisations, from brands to government departments, hospitals, local and international universities and SMEs. We have over 200 satisfied clients in a list that includes well-known names, such as the Shutter Store, SanDisk, Tesco, and the Prince’s Trust.

10 Years of Experience Working with Fortune 500s Through to SMEs

We have over a decade of experience of producing top-quality videos for diverse companies, including Fortune 500 companies through to and small- and medium-sized companies.

Watch Our Promotional Videos Reel ***

Watch our promotional videos reel to help you visualise what we can do for you.

Produced Video Content on Every Continent (Apart from the Antarctica)

Our video content production services are in demand on virtually every continent on the planet. We have not produced anything in Antarctica yet, but we do hope to one day add the land of the penguins to our portfolio.

Creative and Experienced Video Production Professionals

Our video production team is made up of creative and experienced professionals, so you can be assured that your project is in reliable hands.

We Produce Attention-grabbing and Cost-effective Promotional Videos

At Hightower, we use our professional understanding of corporate business to learn about your brand, turning your ideas into affordable promotional videos that grab attention.

Our Video Production Process

Here’s how we handle each video project:

  • Set clear objectives and define success
  • Research the audience and market
  • Decide core messages
  • Develop creative idea and story
  • Script and storyboard
  • Film, animate and edit
  • Measure success

Our Video Production Team


These creative individuals are the cornerstone of the video production process, with a lot of input into the finished product.


Producers are far from the stereotypical image of individuals yelling instructions from their seats. Producers make things happen, running around the set to make sure each person plays his part to perfection.


At a later stage in production, the editor takes rushes from the shoot and assembles them into the final product, as envisioned by the director and other members of the production team.

Sound Recordist

This often-overlooked individual is responsible for incorporating the appropriate sounds into the video.

Makeup Artist

Another under appreciated professional, the wardrobe and make-up artists are crucial to video production. They can bring characters to life with their artistic flair.

Motion Graphics Specialist

A motion graphics specialist creates eye-catching visuals that elevate the quality of the video.

Director of Photography

The director of photography, alongside the director, helps to establish a visual style for the video being produced.

Our Video Production Services

Our video production services include branded content, corporate videos, promotional videos, television adverts, motion graphics and animation. Not only do we produce videos, we also develop marketing strategies to ensure that your videos are seen by a large audience.

Video Strategy

Our first step is to learn about your company. Our experience in the corporate world, combined with expertise in video production, will help us understand the many facets of your company—its voice and tone. With this, we can strategise on how best to portray your products or services while staying true to your company’s ideals. We set goals and map out the rest of the production process.

Content Planning

Content planning includes organising the creative and logistical aspects of video production. Our team of experts creates valuable content while also looking at logistical details, such as the type of video, the location for shooting, transportation, and resources required for the project.

Video Production Strategy

In order to create a promotional masterpiece for your brand, our production team comes together to carefully plan each stage of the video-making process.

Concept and Storyboarding

Using the information gathered, our creative team can come up with a concept for the promotional video. We believe that the video must focus on your objectives. Our creative team is adept in making that concept a reality. Once the concept has been approved, we move to storyboarding, making use of graphics to show how the video will come together. The story will be illustrated by a sequence of graphics, with notes on what is to happen during each scene.

Script Augmentation and Development

The scriptwriters we work with are simply the best, with experience in scripting both TV and online adverts for major brands. They ensure that the message in the video is clear and concise, and flows with the visual aspects. Once the script is finalised, the shoot takes place with our team of directing and production talent. We also have some of the best editors and visual effects experts, with experience in both traditional animation and stop motion, Adobe After Effects, Cinema4D and Maya. Having worked together for over 15 years, our production team works like a well-oiled machine, giving you a high-quality promotional video that sells your product, service, or message in a spectacular fashion.

Campaign Planning

We help you plan and launch a successful advertising campaign for your brand. While creating an ad campaign, we consider your budget and target audience and help you explore the options available to reach the largest audience possible. We work with you to make important decisions with regard to the channels you wish your promotional videos to appear on, and how long you want the advert to run. We ensure that your campaign is sustainable and consistent with your company’s values and culture.

Video Brand Guidelines

At Hightower, we can help you develop video branding guidelines to market your brand’s identity. Most companies already have a brand identity or guidelines. We incorporate this into their marketing campaigns. These include logos, colour palettes, styles, graphic elements, and fonts associated with the company. Branding guidelines also include a definition of your company’s voice and personality, whether your brand is formal or casual. What kind of music would suit your message, upbeat pop or smooth jazz? Do you have any sound effects particular to your brand? Do you have any dos and don’ts? Video branding guidelines are important in marketing and advertising, and our experts are always available to help you define your guidelines and apply them to the video-making process, from animated logos to voice casts.

Project Management

Do you need a professional agency to manage your video production project? Look no further than Hightower. Our producers are excellent project managers and are involved in every step of the production process. They play a big role in developing the project and in distributing the final product to the appropriate market.

Video Production and Post-Production

A number of activities take place during production and post-production. Many decisions are made in the pre-production stage, which are then acted upon during filming in the production stage. Post-production is where every individual effort is brought together to create the final masterpiece.

Live Action Video Production

Live action videos include all the “lights, camera, action” pageantry. They are often used by those who need to showcase the efficacy of their product to entice customers. Live action has an immediacy and intimacy perhaps not so obvious with animation or graphics. Our Hightower video production team is highly experienced in producing and managing live action videos. We handle the sets, casting calls and all the other logistics and we ensure that we bring your vision to life. Live action videos can be expensive, depending on variables, such as location, duration of shooting, the size of the crew, and whether or not you want a voice-over done by David Attenborough. We are committed to providing you with a high-quality, hassle-free live action video at a competitive price.


Animation videos are perfect for companies who wish to convey a complex message in a simple and easy-to-understand manner. We have a team of animated video production experts who will get across your message clearly. Our services include 2D and 3D animation, stop-motion and whiteboard videos, and our experts are adept in using animation software, such as Cinema4D and Maya for modelling, rendering and compositing. We are well-equipped to handle your animation project and will provide you with an end product that is fun to watch. Our production is cost-effective and we ensure that your spending is well within your budget.

Visual FX and Motion Graphics

At Hightower, we have a team of Adobe After Effects specialists to give you the best motion graphics video. Motion graphics can be combined with other video styles, resulting in mixes, such as live action/motion graphics and stop motion animation/motion graphics. You can even animate your company’s logo, using motion graphics. They are also perfect for typographical and explainer videos. Whether you want simple motion graphics incorporated into your video, the whole song and dance of an AFX production, our team is always ready to bring your message to life.

Studio ‘set build’ Shoots

Most video adverts are filmed on sets built in the studio. This is the least expensive option, and the most favourable, as the crew have total control of the set and can shoot with little or no distraction. Depending on your preference, sets can be simple or elaborate. Our creative team can handle ‘set build’ shoots; we often operate these shoots in our London and Brighton studios.

Location & International Filming

Shooting on location involves using a real-world setting rather that a set in a studio. This is necessary, especially in live action shoots, as scenes are more visually enjoyable with good backgrounds. Filming on location may require trips across the country, and, in some cases, international settings. Our production team takes care of the logistics needed for a successful shoot. We perform location scouting and do research to ensure that we have all the information necessary for filming. Once the location has been chosen, we prepare transportation, visas and accommodation for the cast and crew. Our process is fluid and efficient, and we ensure the quality of our work is consistent, regardless of location.

Casting Actors and Voice Overs

Hightower is associated with a number of excellent acting and voice-over talent agencies, and we strive to provide the best actors to portray your message. Once we have gone through auditions and casting calls, we provide you with a shortlist of options. If your company already has a brand representative, celebrity or otherwise, we will accommodate the individual and provide a top-quality and enjoyable video experience. If you do not have a deal with Robert Downey Jr, but want us to reach out to him, we can certainly contact his agency to see if he is available. Do note, however, that celebrities do not come cheap. Our goal is to ensure that that your promotional video is anchored by the most suitable acting or voice-over talent.

Music Clearance and Licensing

It is important to have permission to use a song before the video shoot. Music is an important aspect of advertising, and the perfect soundtrack can take your video to the next level. Music clearance is obtained by getting the licence of any piece of copyrighted music for your video. Our music supervisors compose a list of songs for the client’s approval, and research which songs are copyrighted and require licensing. Once our music supervisors have obtained the necessary licences, including synchronization licences, the music can be inserted into the video by our amazing team of editors.

Original Music Composition and Recording

Can’t find a song that matches your brand? Or don’t want to pay for a licence? Have no fear. At Hightower, we have the facilities to compose and record original songs for your ad campaign. Our in-house composers are experts on the music scene, and work perfectly with the rest of the sound team on creating, recording and mixing the perfect sound.

Sound Dubbing

With sound dubbing, previously-recorded material can be transferred from one medium to another. Sometimes, the file needs to be converted to a suitable format before it can be inserted in the video. This is a useful process if you have a recording from a previous project that you wish to reuse. At Hightower, we provide excellent sound dubbing services, including voice-over dubbing and foreign language dubbing.

Broadcast Technical Compliance and Delivery

We make sure that your promotional video meets all the technical broadcast requirements put in place by advertising regulators, such as the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA), Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) and the Committee of Advertising Practice (CAP). In addition, we ensure compliance with the directives and policies of each individual platform you wish to broadcast your video on. We are also able to adjust our delivery to match whatever broadcast media you wish to use, including television and online channels.

Post-Production CGI and Editing

Our talented post-production editors are responsible for taking raw footage and turning it into a perfect promotional video. This process includes video and sound editing, animation insertions and colour grading. Writing, rewriting, and re-shooting scenes can occur, if necessary. Our computer-generated imagery (CGI) team takes care of visual effects insertions, using the latest CGI software to create special effects or scenes. Work by our post-production team only ends when the video is aired.

Crewing and Filming (Multi or Single Camera)

Once the concept for a promotional video has been approved by the client, decisions can be made on the size of the crew needed for the project. The method of filming is also considered; will the video be shot by a single camera or will it be a multi-camera shoot? Multi-cameras are often used to cover large events. This enables the team to capture as much footage as possible in a short amount of time. Single cameras are the preferred option for promotional videos. The camera operator is free to move around during the shoot. Extra care is taken to ensure that there are no background disruptions and uniformity is maintained throughout the shoot. Our crew will make sure that your message is clear from whatever camera angle you prefer.

TV Advert Production

At Hightower, we have a decade’s worth of experience in TV advert production. We have modern facilities with up-to-date technology. We have worked with both new and established brands in sectors such as medicine, home improvement, food, fashion and technology. You can rest easy knowing that we will take care of all aspects of the production. TV advert industry has been threatened recently due to the rise of streaming services, such as Netflix, Amazon and Hulu. It is important to note that broadcast television remains the most watched media among young people. This shows that it is still very relevant in today’s entertainment culture.

Clearcast approval process for TV adverts

We can help you obtain clearance for your TV ad from Clearcast, the regulation agency for TV ads in the UK. Clearcast regulates thousands of ad scripts and filmed ads a year. For your ad to be approved by the agency, you must have copy clearance, which allows your ad to be aired by the UK’s six major broadcasters plus the hundreds of digital channels, after ensuring that your script passes the BACP code. In addition, any claims in your ad must be verified and substantiated. Clearcast also provides broadcasting advice for ads that will be shown outside the UK. Our Hightower experts can take your ad through this process and save you the trouble.

Digital delivery to TV channels for TV adverts

Modern day advertisers are no longer reliant on tapes to deliver their content to broadcasters. At Hightower, we have embraced full digitisation of our delivery process, using secure file-based and cloud-based services. Our media planning/buying department will ensure that your content is safely delivered to the broadcaster and aired.


Once shooting for your TV ad has been completed, our team of editors will put everything together. They construct the narrative from the rough footage, ensuring that the visuals and sounds are flawless. Graphics and animation are added, and the finishing touches are made to make the advert broadcast-ready.

Video Production Marketing

As videos continue to be the preferred way to convey messages and showcase products, the importance of marketing becomes clearer. In helping to market your video, our experts ensure that all the necessary boxes are ticked. We make sure your content is captivating and presentable, ensure proper delivery and distribution, and monitor how viewers engage with the video after broadcast.

Video Distribution

Our team understands what proper video distribution entails. We ensure that your videos are viewed by your target audience on professional-quality hosting providers, such as YouTube and Vimeo. The ad will also be embedded on your website or landing pages. This will help increase conversion rates and improve your site’s visibility on search engines, especially Google.

Video Advertising

We provide the best avenue for you to display your products and services or convey your company’s message. Our team is well-versed in producing different types of video ads, including companion ads, linear and non-linear ads. All our advertising video productions are done according to IAB guidelines, and we are affiliated with credible names in the business. Contact us or visit our offices in London or Brighton for a free quote.


Corporate videos are used to showcase organisational culture and practices within companies. They serve as tools for companies to promote sales and keep consumer interest high. The following types of videos are often used as part of corporate campaigns:

Sales Videos

Sales videos are made to pitch products or ideas to customers. Like a physical salesperson, sales videos attempt to close a deal, pushing consumers to buy a certain product either with entertaining displays or a demonstration of the product.

YouTube Optimisation

YouTube is the second largest search engine on the Internet. At Hightower, we specialise in YouTube optimisation using a variety of strategies. We ensure your content is compelling and relevant, with titles and keyword tags that make your video visible to your target audience. All you have to do is sit back and watch your videos sell your brand.

Sales Analysis

Video adverts drive sales figures for the companies that use them. With Hightower as your video production agency, you can monitor the return on your investment. We use our sales analysis metrics to measure purchase intent and analyse the effect of your video advert on company sales.

Video Production Sectors We’ve Recently Worked With

We take pride in our work with brands and companies from different sectors including home improvement, education, government, healthcare, technology and beauty.

Home Improvement

Our home improvement portfolio includes promotional videos done for Crocodile Verandas, Canopies UK and an explainer video for one of our most prolific clients, the Shutter Store.


We have produced videos for universities and other institutions in the educational sector in the UK and abroad. Our client list includes the University of Southern California (USA) and University of Sydney (Australia).


We have worked with many government departments in producing promotional videos to showcase both new and existing services to UK citizens.


Our videos in the healthcare sector include multiple promotional videos for the NHS and for CooperRiis Healing Centre.

Consumer Technology

Our work in the consumer technology sector includes promotional and explainer videos for SanDisk, Innospec and ITS ( a Dutch transport firm). We have also produced explainer videos for Cubed View software, developed by Education Cubed.


We have worked with Swell Hair to produce a series of “how to” videos for their premium hair products. These explainer videos can be found in our online portfolio.

Promotional Videos

Promotional videos are used to advertise your product to as many people as possible within a specific time frame. Distribution is done through social media, email campaigns and embedding on different host channels.

Brand Videos

Brand videos often begin with people’s stories, which are then linked to the product being sold. Emphasis is placed on the audience’s relationship with the brand, mostly through testimonials or experiences, during which the brand name and logo feature prominently.

How to/ Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are produced to illustrate how customers can use a company’s products. They are often called process videos when used to convey complex messages to the customer.


How important is production value in creating viral video content?

When creating high-quality videos, a number of factors need to be taken into consideration. An agency with a high production value will produce better content and videos that you can be associated with, while using tactics, such as keywording to make the video visible.

How to promote YouTube Videos?

You can promote your YouTube video by investing in advertising on the platform, targeting a specific audience, using keyword-rich titles and tags, as well as add-on software, such as Adwords.

How can I get a lot of views on my YouTube video?

This is also known as YouTube optimisation and can be achieved by uploading excellent content, targeting specific groups, and using keywords in your titles and tags to ensure that your video is visible. Production agencies often have YouTube optimisation experts who can help with this.

What is a corporate video production?

Corporate videos are commissioned by companies for internal purposes. Company overview videos, promotional films, staff training, safety videos and shareholder/investor videos are examples of corporate videos often hosted on company websites. These videos are more of an in-house communication strategy and are shared mostly through social media and email campaigns.

What is an audio/video production?

Audio/video productions are any broadcast medium involving both a visual and sound components. Television, web streaming and video conferencing are all examples of audio/video productions.

How to plan for video production?

Planning is very important in video production. You must familiarise yourself with the different phases of production, understand what each stage entails, and plan your budget in advance.

How to budget for video production?

When budgeting for video production, share your ideas with a video production agency and they can give you an idea of the costs associated with tasks, such as music licensing, compensation for the cast and crew, cost of equipment, travel for location shoots and so on.

How much would it cost to produce a short promo video?

The cost of production depends on many factors. A short promo video can cost anywhere from £2,500 to £10,000, which is a broad range. The costs can run higher too, depending on your needs. Filming on location, use of celebrities, and licensing of certain types of music can run into the tens or hundreds of thousands of pounds each.

Why hire a video production company?

While shooting a video on your own may seem cheaper, it is always better to use a video production company. The production of high-quality videos requires a lot of work, and should be undertaken by professionals.

Why should you invest in video production?

Videos are one of the most viewed methods of disseminating information. Videos can be made for virtually every platform, and can be embedded on your website to boost visibility. Video ads have been used by companies to increase awareness, explain services and boost sales.

What are the different types of video production?

We produce different types of videos at Hightower. Our professionals have years of experience in producing branded content videos, promotional videos, TV adverts, direct response TV production, corporate videos, motion graphics, and CG animation.

Why is corporate video production a must in advertising your business?

Corporate videos showcase the voice and culture of your company to the world. They attract potential clients to your business, and keep current clients informed. This creates a demand for your services, which, in turn, generates sales income.

How can animation videos be used for businesses – apart from explainer videos?

Animation is not only effective for explainer videos but is often incorporated into promotional videos for businesses. Infographics and topography motion graphic animations are often used to liven up otherwise boring presentations, such as graphs and charts. Animation can also serve as the opener/closer for any type of video presentation.

How do I know if my business needs an explainer video?

Explainer videos show your customers how to use your products. This replaces the need for employee demonstrations either over the phone or in person. Explainer videos are especially useful if you have a relatively complicated product or a product that requires assembly.

How important is video in product launches?

Promotional videos are a great marketing tool for product launches. The video can be embedded in the company’s website, distributed through email campaigns, shared on social media or even distributed on DVDs. This creates a buzz around the products and captures public interest.

How important is music visualisation?

Music visualisation serves as a way for both musicians and non-musicians to connect with a song. This is important in the sense that visualisation attracts attention to the elaborate designs and patterns generated by the song’s frequency and wavelength, keeping viewers interested in the music.

How do video editors ensure the subtitles and video are in sync?

Video editors are well-versed in using editing software to ensure that the subtitle track and video and audio components are in perfect synchronisation.

Why do video editors need to stabilise shaky footage in post-production?

Stabilising shaky footage is an aspect of post-production and is usually done by an editor, using editing software.

How do video editors find music for their video?

If the desired music is copyrighted, the production team must request permission to use the song in advance. This often comes with a fee. During post-production, the editor can insert the music into the video.

How do video editors improve the quality of video content?

Video editors use editing software such as Adobe Premium to put raw footage together, enhance the audio and video quality of the video, and add final touches such as graphics and animation.

What is music video production?

A music video is a short film accompanied by a song. Music video production involves the same process as other videos, from pre-production to post-production. The aim of the video is to show the artist in a creative light and popularise his music.

What is medical video production?

Medical video production enables medical professionals to display health-related information to the general public or other health professionals. Medical videos are often short and highly informative.

What are the different aspects of video production services?

Video production goes through different phases. In pre-production, the team focuses on the concept, script and logistics involved in making a video. This also includes permission for any licensed content the client wishes to use. Shooting the video takes place in the production phase; the post-production team edits the footage, inserts visual effects and music, and adds any other final touches.

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