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Since 2013 Hightower has been producing premium TV adverts, brand content and promos for Fortune 500 all the way through to SMEs. We love taking interesting challenges presented to us by clients and interpreting them into vibrant, colourful, creative and informative video content.


We don’t stop there, as marketing and getting content seen is the other half of the battle. We have a long track record of getting TV ads seen by the right people as well as online content disseminated far and wide by our fabulous media team

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The key to our approach is to learn all about your company and what makes it tick. Learning about company culture makes the strategy stage much easier. We’ve spent many years deciphering company’s “voices” and strategising accordingly. This comes from our director’s experience in the corporate world as well as the video production one.


The next stage is scripting and development. We work with only the best scriptwriters to ensure the message runs clearly and concisely through the video. The scriptwriters we work all have major brand experience on TV adverts as well as online. After this we storyboard if necessary, all the while treating you as part of the team with this vital stage of creative development.


After this comes the most vital stage for live action productions, the shoot! We work with a team of stellar directing and production talent, a team which has been forged over a period of 15 years. This level of professionalism ensures only the best possible quality for the video.


Finally we come to the stage where the magic happens. We pride ourselves in having some of the best editors and VFX people in the industry. Our team cover all the bases, from Adobe After Effects, Cinema4D, Maya to traditional animation and stop motion.