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Hightower is a Brighton based video production agency, trusted by over 200 clients when it comes to the production of brand films, corporate videos and television commercials. We have decades of experience in direct response television production, branded content, motion graphics, media planning/buying, CG animation and promotional videos. This makes us the natural choice for everyone in Brighton and the nearby areas looking for these services. If you would like to discuss your online or television video marketing requirements, you are welcome to visit us in our Brighton office.

What Are the Advantages of Promotional Videos?

Promotional videos are generally cheaper than television commercials in terms of production costs. They can also be easily targeted at both a wider and a more specific demographic depending on your needs. Many brands use promotional videos to highlight products and services but they can also be used to showcase any type of content that will ultimately help your bottom-line.

With promotional videos, you only pay for the advert when a prospect has completely viewed the video. This significantly lowers the cost of advertising for brands that cannot go the conventional advertising route. Promotional video hosts such as YouTube also provide metrics that allows proper tracking and monitoring of your promotional video marketing activities. This makes it easier to track Return on Investments (ROI) in a manner not feasible with more conventional video advertising methods.

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How Videos Can Help Businesses and Brands Achieve More

There is no gainsaying the fact that promotional videos are an effective marketing tool for the modern business. More businesses in Brighton and nearby areas are seeing how video can improve their marketing results. Your target consumers collectively watch billions of hours in marketing videos each month and interestingly, a third of them are likely to buy a product after viewing a promotional video. Apart from the fact that potential customers are receptive to videos, they are also likely to share them with their immediate circles online.

This further enhances the potential reach of your video and makes more sales possible. Promotional videos also act as a great tool to educate your audience on any topic you deem fit. If the educational material is valuable enough, it will be shared with a wide range of audiences especially on social media. If you are looking to improve your visibility on the search engine results pages, videos can help you achieve this goal. They are highly rated by search engine algorithms especially those videos that have gained some traction already through views and shares.

Are Promotional Videos Expensive?

There are a number of elements that have to come together for a promotional video to be made. These add up to make promotional videos fairly expensive. However, in comparison to television commercials, promotional videos are more cost effective. You may be tempted to take on the task of producing your own promotional videos to keep costs down. However, this could turn out to be a waste of time and resources at best. At worst, you could do a disservice to your brand. If you are in Brighton or the nearby areas, you can count on Hightower to provide you with excellent promotional videos at competitive rates.

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Why Choose Hightower Video Production?

Many brands in Brighton and nearby areas trust us to work on their promotional videos for a variety of reasons including the following:

Produced Video Content on Every Continent (Apart from the Antarctica)

Although we are located in Brighton, we have provided our services internationally on countless occasions. Our services are highly sought after across the globe.

Creative and Experienced Video Production Professionals

All video production projects are handled by consummate professionals, so you can be assured that you are working with a video production team you can trust every step of the way.

Over 200 Satisfied Clients

We have worked with more than 200 satisfied clients on a wide range of video projects. Some of the brands that have trusted us include Prince’s Trust, Tesco, SanDisk and Shutter Store. Our clientele represent a variety of industries including conventional businesses, government offices, hospitals as well as academia.

10 Years of Experience Working with Fortune 500s Through to SMEs

We have more than a decade of experience working on the projects of every size of company. Whether your brand is a Fortune 500 company or a local Brighton SME, you can count on us to deliver.

Watch Our Promotional Videos Reel ***

Watch our promotional videos reel to help you visualise what we can do for you.

We Produce Attention-grabbing and Cost-effective Promotional Videos

As a brand, we understand the importance of creating attention grabbing promotional videos. We will achieve this for you by taking time to understand your brand, your target audience and your ideas before bringing it all together to deliver an excellent video.

Our Video Production Process

With each video production project, this is what we do:


We take time to understand your goals and objectives


We research your audience


We analyse your core messages


We proceed to the creation of an idea and a story


We create the script and proceed to story boarding


We proceed to filming, animation and editing


We then proceed to measuring success

Our Video Production Team


The director is possibly the most important individual in a video production team. This is the person tasked with the responsibility of translating the storyline into what is seen on screen. It is safe to say that the success or failure of any video production rests solely on the shoulders of the director.


During the shooting stage of any video production, a lot of shots will be taken which may not make it to the final output. It is the job of the editor to seamlessly create a finished product that is free of errors or misleading or unusable scenes.


When it comes to coordinating the different aspects of a video production, you can count on the producers to get it done. These are smart individuals tasked with the job of making sure the entire project meets the client’s expectation, comes out within the approved budget and is ready on time.

Sound Recordist

Unless the plan is to produce a video without audio, it is safe to say that you cannot do without a sound recordist when it comes to video production. Also known as a production mixer, this is the person tasked with the responsibility of seamlessly integrating the camera with the recorded sound so that they are synchronised.

Director of Photography

A director of photography, also known as a DOP plays a vital role in the final output of any video production. This is the person in charge of the cameras and lights and usually acts in the capacity of an assistant video director. Our DOP in Hightower, Brighton is the right person when it comes to producing a video that carries the perfect visual style and finish.

Makeup Artist

When it comes to video production, almost everyone who will appear on screen will have to be prepared for the camera. This is the job of a makeup artist.

Our Video Production Services

Since 2013, Hightower video production services in the city of Brighton has been providing high quality video production services for television, film and the internet. Our wide range of video services is sought after by individuals and businesses both within and outside of Brighton, a sure testimony to our expertise, professionalism and quality.

Our expert video production services include branded content, promotional and corporate videos, TV ads, animation and motion pictures. But that is just a few of the reasons why we are known as one of the best in the city. We also have a team on ground that can help you move your project from the idea stage to concept and production.

If your plan is to produce a video that will be seen and appreciated by a large audience, then you are on the right website. Call us on 01273 311049, let us talk about your project.

The first step is to learn about your project. This means looking at your company and understanding your message. After this point, our expertise and experience will be brought to bear in coming up with the right way to share your ideas without compromising on your values and vision.

Knowing where to begin your video can be tricky, and organizing the logistics is also not easy. Thankfully, these are part of our responsibility as a video production team. We have the people who will go through your content to make sure that it has what it takes to achieve the goals of your video. At the same time, a different set of people will handle the logistic side of your video production.

Every idea needs a strategy if it is to see the light of day and be a success. The same applies to a video production project. While you may have an idea of how the final output should look, the process between A and Z is what defines the success of your video.

Here at Hightower in Brighton, we have experts who will carefully plan each stage of your video production. The following will give you an idea of how we can put your spectacular video together.

Having the concept for a video is one thing, putting this is in usable form is another. Storyboarding helps break your concept into pieces that can be understood by the members of the two teams, yours and ours. And if you only have an idea, we can help develop your idea from the idea stage to the concept stage. From there, we create a storyboard that will show how your video will ultimately look.

Almost everyone who walks in our door comes in with a script, but we aim to make it better. The success of your video is tied to your ability to tell your story in a way that your audience will understand, and this is the purpose of script augmentation and development.

Over the years, we have worked on a large number of projects and can confidently say that we have earned the experience and expertise needed to make a winning video.

Campaign Planning

Doing a successful video production is only half the battle won, the video has to reach the right people in order to meet your goals. It doesn’t matter if your project is a video advertising campaign for your company, a documentary or a music video, we need to ensure that it reaches a wide audience and gets the desired result within your stipulated budget. Our Brighton video production team is able to work with you to deliver your message to the right people using the relevant channels, while working within the limits of your budget to ensure maximum ROI.

Because your brand is important, we make it our responsibility at Hightower to make sure that your video is produced with a consistent look and feel that properly portrays your brand. If you don’t have one, we will help you come up with video brand guidelines that properly reflect your brand. Video brand guidelines are important to the success of any video production as they provide a template that helps you stay within the confines of your brand identity.

Making a video is like building a house, and you do not start without some form of plan. Our Hightower Brighton team makes planning your video production a breeze. We have experts with years of experience in video production project management who will identify the different stages of the video production, scheduling individual tasks down to post production and taking into consideration all that you expect to achieve with the video project.

The video production stage is where the assembly, storyboarding, casting and actual shooting take place. The post production process is where the editing and other production stagecraft come into play. When you have a professional company like Hightower in Brighton handling both aspects of your video project, you can expect nothing less than the very best.

If you have a product, service or message that cannot be passed effectively without showing other humans, then a live action video production is for you. Live action videos range in style and production quality from the camcorder and iPhone video footage to the footage taken in a professional setting like our Brighton studios.

When you partner with us at Hightower for your next video production, you can be sure of having your story told with all the necessary elements such as lights, cameras, sets and actors in a way that captures the attention of your target audience and generates maximum conversion.

If your plan is to pass a complex message in an easy to understand manner, then an animation video is what you want. Animations are good for almost every kind of video including promotional videos, explainer videos and even music videos. The bad news is that not many people have the skills needed to turn out a convincing animation. Fortunately, we have experts at our Brighton office who are animation gurus. Whether it is 2D animations, or 3D, whiteboard or stop-motion, we have the skills and resources to give you what you need.

Visual FX or visual effects combine existing footage with CGI to create realistic scenes, whilst motion graphics are animated graphics in motion. We can use both to create a television commercial that emphasizes your message and resonates with your target audience.
ISDN Voice Over Recording

Integrated Services Digital Network is a system of digital phone connections that allows recording studios in the UK and abroad to connect digitally with a voice-over artist working in a home recording studio. Both parties hear the same voice over recording in real time with perfect quality. To ensure you receive the highest quality, we record our voiceovers in a high-tech ISDN studio that gives equal attention to technical aspects and creativity.

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Visual FX and Motion Graphics

When your video project requires only animated graphics, our Hightower motion graphics experts have the skills necessary to deliver. If your video project requires something more complex, like when live action is combined with computer generated imagery (CGI) in order to create a realistic scene, you can trust our FX specialists to deliver. There is no limit to the resources and creativity at our Hightower office in Brighton.

Studio ‘set build’ Shoots

If you want to do a video but don’t have enough money, don not let budget constraints cause you to put your video project aside. A large number of highly successful videos are filmed entirely in the studio. This is a great option for projects with budget constraints or where you don’t want the distractions of outside locations.

Our Hightower studio in Brighton is furnished with the latest equipment necessary to do a successful studio ‘set build’ shoot. In fact, we have the resources for simple and elaborate studio shoots and the creative expertise to make your finished product look like it was shot on location.

Location & International Filming

When a studio shoot is not an option because you want your video to carry an authentic setting, you can trust us to deliver. From scouting for the perfect location (within Brighton, outside the city and even outside the country) to taking care of the logistics needed for a successful shoot. If any documentation is necessary for the crew and cast that will be involved in the project, our logistics team will take care of it. Your only responsibility is to come up with the video concept.

Casting Actors and Voice Overs

Every story needs a story teller, but it has to be someone with perfect story telling skills who can portray your message in the positive way possible. At Hightower, we partner with a number of top acting talent and voice over agencies that can bring life and character to your video. Even though these individuals are some of the best in the industry, we still carry out auditions to get the best of the best. But if your project already has an acting or voice over team, we are willing to work with them to produce a winning video.

Music Clearance and Licensing

If you are wondering how to get the right soundtrack or background music for your video, remember that music plays an important role in the success of any video project. This is why you will find it difficult to find a video that does not have at least one soundtrack on it. But your video is no use to you if you include music without asking for and receiving the necessary permission.

At Hightower, every single piece of music and soundtrack used in a video is done so with full permission from the owners. We also have a database of royalty free songs that we can use on your project if you so desire. Just know that working with us, you will not infringe any copyright laws.

Original Music Composition and Recording

Even if you are unable to find music to suit your video, as a video production company, we have had occasion to compose theme songs for a variety of videos in the past. If we compose music for you, you will not have to bother about copyright infringements or legal bottlenecks.

Sound Dubbing

Sound dubbing is integral to film production, because there are times when you may feel that a particular piece of dialogue does not sound right. When this happens, that particular scene has to be dubbed over with new audio. But sound dubbing requires a professional touch and doing it incorrectly can destroy the entire video. Like everything else at Hightower, we have both the equipment and talent needed to seamlessly integrate recorded material into an existing video or a scene in a video. Unless you mention it, no one will know that a new sound was dubbed over an old one.

Broadcast Technical Compliance and Delivery

If you have ever done a video project, you will know that videos that are to be broadcast on television must meet certain requirements. At Hightower, we ensure that every video we produce meets the technical specifications of the various industry regulators such as the Competition Markets Authority (CMA) and the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA). If your video is to be broadcast on other mediums, we will also make sure to meet the requirements for those platforms.

Post-Production CGI and Editing

Our expert post production team and video editors will take raw footage of a video project and convert it into a message that can be watched by millions. Everything from syncing audio with video, cutting away any fluff, resetting scenes and even including realistic CGI, you can count on us to produce a winning video.

Crewing and Filming (Multi or Single Camera)

The number of people and cameras that you need is one of the questions that you will be wondering about when planning a video project. The size of the crew and the filming method will depend on the size of the project and budget. For instance, multi camera productions are typically used for large projects or outdoor shoots while single camera productions are ideal for promotional videos and small films.

Regardless of the filming method or the size of the crew, our Hightower Brighton team can be counted on to deliver when it matters. We can as easily cater just as easily for a big video shoot as we can for a small budget project. In the end, we will give you a video that will certainly meet your video goals.

Television Advertising Production

When it comes to creating videos for television commercials, we have the years of experience to be one of the top names in the industry. Over the years, we have produced a large variety of videos for television advertising and for a number of known names. This has earned us an enviable position in the industry, and this means that your television commercial production is in good hands when you work with Hightower.

Clearcast approval process for TV adverts

Clearcast is the body that operates advertising licenses for television in the UK, and like every other regulatory body, they have a set of requirements and regulations you must meet before a television commercial is cleared for broadcast. Our Brighton office can help you get the clearance necessary for you to air your television commercials. Not only does our production process meet and fulfil the BACP code, we have the people that can help expedite the approval process, saving you the trouble and putting your video before your target audience.

Digital Delivery to Television Channels for Television Commercials

In the past few years, video production has developed in line with the available technology, and videos for television commercials now have to meet a certain benchmark. At Hightower, we are among the first to embrace new technologies in video production so that our delivery process is fully digital and television broadcast level compliant. Every video is processed and finished in the proper format before sending, so that your videos cannot be rejected for any reason.

It is one thing to film a television commercial, it is another thing to prepare the final output for television production. Not many video producers understand that videos for television broadcast require a different setting from those meant for the internet. At Hightower, you get the benefit of years of experience and training when it comes to filming television commercials.

Every part of the production process is done with television in mind, so you can be assured of clear graphics and sound as well as a finished product that is immediately ready for broadcast.

Video Production Marketing

Your video is only as successful as the number of people who have access to it. For this reason, it is vital that you have a strong marketing plan in place. During the production process, our team at Hightower will follow a rigorous checklist to ensure that your video is presentable and highly marketable. We will follow a well-tested process of creating an engaging video suitable for delivery and distribution.

Video Distribution

We understand that it takes proper distribution to get your video into the homes of your target audience. This is the reason that we have a set of guidelines and operating principles governing the distribution of videos across different platforms.

Our team can work with you to meet your distribution target, offering expert advice where necessary so that you can get optimum ROI on your video production investment.

Video Advertising

When it comes to selling products and services using video as a medium, you need a company that know what they are about. At Hightower, we have people who are experts in video advertising across a variety of channels. Working with us, you can be certain that we will work within your budget to ensure that your video advertising will reach the people that matter to your business.


Countless corporates have enjoyed our expertise and video production skills as we have worked on projects that showcase organizational structure and corporate practices. We have also worked on videos targeted at raising consumer interest and increasing sales.

Here are the types of videos that are typically used by corporates.

Sales Videos

A sales video will make a sales pitch to a target market. Sales videos attempt to compel a potential customer to make a buying decision in favour of the company. This is why it is one of the strategies used by many successful businesses.

YouTube Optimisation

YouTube is a platform that has helped countless businesses to reach the people that matter. With millions of daily searches on the second largest search engine on the internet, it is no surprise that YouTube is one of the quickest ways to get worldwide viewership. But getting people to see your video out of the billions of daily uploads on the platform is tricky. At Hightower, our YouTube video optimization process will significantly increase your chances of visibility.

Sales Analysis

In order to properly calculate your ROI, you have to be able to monitor the success of your videos. Our Brighton team can put our Hightower metrics to work on your behalf, analysing the effect of your videos advertising on the sales portfolio of your company.

Video Production Sectors We’ve Recently Worked With

Our projects are not restricted to Brighton clients or specific industries, as we also get a large number of projects from other parts of the UK, and from various industries.

These are some areas we have worked in.

Home Improvement

Home improvement is a huge industry that caters to a lot of homeowners looking to upgrade their homes, and this has created a huge market for DIY home improvement videos and video commercials. Some of the projects we have worked on in this industry include promotional videos for Crocodile Verandas, Canopies UK and explainer videos for Shutter Store.


The educational sector is another area where we have done a number of projects. Top on the list of clients in this area are the University of Sydney in Australia and the University of Southern California in the USA.


We have worked on a number of government projects producing promotional videos targeted at UK citizens to help them understand the different services of the relevant government departments.


Our videos for the healthcare sector include videos for the National Health Scheme and promotional videos for CooperRiis Healing Centre.

Consumer Technology

We have also done a number of promotional and explainer videos for consumer products. Some of our customers include SanDisk, Innospec and Dutch firm ITS.


We have worked on a number of explainer and how-to videos for companies in the beauty industry such as Swell hair. Some of these videos can be found on their website.

Promotional Videos

As the name implies, promotional videos are used to create awareness about a product or service to a specific set of people. This type of video is very effective and known for its encouraging ROI.

Brand Videos

Brand videos aim to include a human touch in a sales or promotional pitch. It emphasises people’s relationship with the brand mainly through testimonials and live reviews. This type of video has proved to be a very effective marketing tool.

Our Latest Videos

GRB Promo –

University of Sydney –

University of Southern California –

The Shutter Store –

SanDisk –

Behind The Scenes

Watch this video as we take you behind the scenes to watch our experts in action.

Getting In Touch With Us About Video Production Services

Feel free to contact us by telephone or email if you wish to get a quote, or if you want more information on our video production services. You can also visit us at our London office:

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Or our Brighton location:

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We are available to discuss your projects and provide the best video production services for your company.

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How to plan for video production?

Planning is very important in video production. You must familiarise yourself with the different phases of production, understand what each stage entails, and plan your budget in advance.

What is an audio/video production?

Audio/video productions are any broadcast medium involving both a visual and sound components. Television, web streaming and video conferencing are all examples of audio/video productions.

What is a corporate video production?

Corporate videos are commissioned by companies for internal purposes. Company overview videos, promotional films, staff training, safety videos and shareholder/investor videos are examples of corporate videos often hosted on company websites. These videos are more of an in-house communication strategy and are shared mostly through social media and email campaigns.

How important is production value in creating viral video content?

When creating high-quality videos, a number of factors need to be taken into consideration. An agency with a high production value will produce better content and videos that you can be associated with, while using tactics, such as keywording to make the video visible.

How to promote YouTube Videos?

You can promote your YouTube video by investing in advertising on the platform, targeting a specific audience, using keyword-rich titles and tags, as well as add-on software, such as Adwords.

How can I get a lot of views on my YouTube video?

This is also known as YouTube optimisation and can be achieved by uploading excellent content, targeting specific groups, and using keywords in your titles and tags to ensure that your video is visible. Production agencies often have YouTube optimisation experts who can help with this.

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