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Brand film is one of the main lynch pins of our business. We love working with household names to create fantastic, vibrant content for brands across the world.

Creative video production

When dealing with multinational brands, we always bring our A game. This includes directors and camera crew who have worked on some of the biggest campaigns both online and on TV.

This includes a senior creative team who have worked on multiple campaigns for SanDisk, Mars, Hitachi and Santander amongst others. Our priority is to create an environment which breeds the best, most innovative ideas and concepts. These concepts are scripted by our outstanding pool of scriptwriters – whose caliber includes BBC programme writers – to create a killer script. This script is then interpreted into a location or studio based shoot led by one of our talented directors.

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Bleeding edge post production

Staying on the cutting edge of post production is what we’ve striven for since we started. The most beautiful shoot in the world is nothing without killer post.

We employ only the best post kit for editing, 2D and 3D motion graphics and animation to make truly memorable content. After the content is completed we also deal with the Clearcast process (a very complicated endeavour in itself) to get the brand content on television. After this we can also deal with uploading TV ads to the stations via Adstream. For online content, we can also build a campaign for blogger outreach and Youtube seeding.

What is branded content?

Branded content essentially is content that can be associated with a brand for the viewer. It is different from traditional advertising which delivers USPs and benefits through a story, essentially doing things the other way round. Branded content starts with people’s stories first and then creatively links with the product to be sold.

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We’re a friendly bunch at Hightower and would love to hear from you

Why is branded content important?

It is vital for even the most exposted companies to keep their brands fresh. It doesn’t take long for customers to have their heads turned by vital, colourful and engaging content from a competitor. It is vital to be in the forefront of people’s minds when they decide it’s time to make that purchase.

Why make branded video content?

Branded video content is an extremely potent way of getting your customer’s attention online. It is also a weapon’s grade way of getting content shared. Facebook and other social media sites now prioritise video content in their algorithm. Offline, branded content can be extremely engaging on the high street or anywhere else where a monitor can fit.

How does branded content become shared?

It is vital to share and disseminate branded content to influencers online. This may be celebrities on Twitter, YouTube stars or plain old bloggers. As long as the branded content is incredible and shareable, getting it to the right people to get it shared as widely as possible should be a piece of cake.

How does it benefit customers?

Branded video content can be packaged in limitless different ways. A recent successful example was when we produced a brand video for a client in the recruitment industry, which encouraged recent graduates to go and work for the organisation. It was a thinly veiled brand video too of course, showing off the company’s brand as well as all the features and benefits of the organisation.

How long should a brand video be?

The key for video online is to keep things brief. Unless you have decided to go down the documentary route, it is vital to keep things brief, as viewers click off content very quickly if not engaged properly. Keeping the video short and to the point will help this immeasurably.

How many topics should a brand video have?

In line with the previous question, it is also important not to confuse your viewer for branded content online. Keep the video short and to the point – we’d suggest no more than one case study or topic per branded content video.

How has the advent of mobile and tablets changed things?

This has been the biggest development for online content in the last 10 years. Ooyala says that 10% of all video online is watched with a mobile device – and this is increasing year on year. Having the smaller screen means that branded content has to be all the more engaging and dynamic. Standard won’t do anymore. It certainly won’t be shared by anyone!


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We’re a friendly bunch at Hightower and would love to hear from you


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