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TV Commercials Crafted By The Keenest Minds

To stand out from the competition, you need a seriously good TV Advert. When you choose Hightower Video Production Company, you’ll get a finely crafted advert that will grab your customers by the lapels and leave that lasting impression. From script writing and casting talent to production and post production, we do all that’s needed to ensure you get a top-grade commercial.

Why TV Advertising Works

TV advertising is the most effective channel for brand awareness. It can be used to build a brand and grow it. It’s a powerful tool for building exposure for your brand and keeping your name fresh in the minds of the target audience. TV advertising is highly effective for both short term and longer campaigns. You’ll have noticed that even companies that invest in social media and digital platforms continue to spend on traditional mediums like TV.

TV Adverts in the Netflix Era

With the popularity of content streaming platforms like Netflix, advertisers worry that consumers are getting accustomed to watching TV without the interruption of commercials. However, advertising on TV isn’t necessarily going to be affected because it’s such an effective advertising channel. Even digital companies are advertising on the traditional medium, with Netflix, Facebook and Google spending as much as 60% of their marketing budgets on television advertising in the United Kingdom.

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What Are the Advantages of Advertising on Television?

TV advertising allows you reach a much larger audience within a short timeframe than any other channel. Unlike newspapers or many forms of digital advertising, it catches viewers when they’re paying the most attention. With TV ads, you can convey your message with motion, sight and sound, which gives instant credibility to your offering. TV advertising allows you to get creative, use imagery and convey a personality that will be associated with your business.

Why Are Commercials So Important?

Commercials are highly effective forms of advertisement for businesses. They let you do so much more by lending the power of visuals to your marketing messages. They provide you with an opportunity to communicate your value to prospective customers convincingly. You’ll be identified as being a “major player” in your niche simply by paying for your product to be advertised on TV.

Are TV Adverts Really Expensive?

Although advertising on television can be outrageously expensive, this doesn’t have to be the case. There are factors that can determine how much an ad placement costs and one of those is timing. As you might expect, peak viewership times are the most expensive, but an ad doesn’t have to be played at peak times for it to be successful.

The key to attaining the best results with TV ads is to target particular programmes with the audience demographics that are best suited to your brand. Other factors to consider include the day of the week, the season, and how often the ad is repeated.

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Why Choose Hightower Video Production?

At Hightower, we offer a full-service video production outfit that takes care of every step of producing top-notch TV ads, from script to screen. To ensure that your video passes your intended message across to your target audience, we’ll focus on your marketing messages. Our team of talented scriptwriters, professional voiceover artists, trained actors and crew can help demonstrate the core essence of your brand in a professionally produced video.

The projects we have done for our clients over the years are a testament to the quality of our work. In UK and beyond, we’ve worked with over 200 clients who have been happy with our service. Work with us and we can guarantee you’ll get equally satisfactory service as we work hard to ensure that every job we take on is better than the last.

At Hightower, we take production quality seriously and that means giving due consideration to the creative and technical aspects of production. Having worked in the field for as long as we have, we have extensive experience in the art and science of videography. Let us help you bring your vision to life in 4K or HD, with seamless post-production touches.

Advertising on television can grant you the kind of exposure needed to help you reach your marketing goals. However, to get the desired results, your ad has to be able to grab the audience’s attention. While TV advertising can be highly rewarding, it can cost you a lot if it’s not done properly. We are experts at producing effective video ads while sticking to the budget.

Get a feel for the kind of work we deliver by seeing the projects we’ve done for clients in the past. Watch our TV ads reel below

The TV Advert Production Process

Producing a TV advert involves a series of tasks that must be completed by a team of creative professionals before the final project can be ready. The process includes pre-production, production and post-production.


Detailed Pre-Production Planning

Before we turn on the cameras and start shooting, there’s a lot we need to do to prep and ensure that production and post-production follow seamlessly. Pre-production processes include creating shot-lists, renting equipment, scriptwriting, hiring actors, scouting for locations and collecting props.

We create all the scheduling for the commercial at this stage, ensuring that we properly plan every second of the ad to ensure that your money is spent judiciously.


Expert TV Advert Production

It’s during the production stage that we do the actual shooting of the ad. Using the shooting script and the shot list, the director coordinates the filming, ensuring that the vision for the project is appropriately translated to screen.

Depending on how intricate or lengthy the script is, the shoot may take one day or several days. You can trust us to communicate your marketing message as it needs to be transmitted while staying within the budget.


Feature Film Level Post Production

A TV commercial may only be a few minutes long, but there’s no reason why it shouldn’t be of a similar quality as most feature films. This is our outlook when we embark on sound editing, video editing and exporting the ads we produce.

It’s at this stage that we do the musical scoring, dubbing and editing, all of which would be approved by you.

Our Team of TV Advertising Production Experts

At Hightower, our team of professional production experts includes producers, directors of photography, sound recordists and editors. Learn about what they do below.


The role of the producer is integral to the entire video production process as he works to ensure that all goes according to plan from pre-production to post-production. Our producers work around-the-clock to ensure that projects are delivered on time and on budget.


The production of a solid TV ad expected to drive results wouldn’t be possible without the scriptwriter who writes the action and dialogue to be performed by the talents. It’s the script that the scriptwriter produces that the director works with throughout the shooting phase.


Our animators are the artists who provide the sequential images of models and drawings used to produce our TV ads. They are creative geniuses who create original and beautiful designs, using computer generation software that they know like the back of their hands.


The crew comprises several professionals who are experts in different aspects of production.

The crew includes the director of photography (DoP), the director, the sound recordist, editor, camera operator, camera assistant and grip, among others.

The crew is managed by the director who has creative control of the project.

The DoP, camera operator, grip and other members of the crew lend their technical expertise to the project to ensure that the ad reaches the screen with top-notch quality.

TV Advertising Production Sectors We Recently Worked With

We’ve worked across a wide gamut of industry in our decade of producing TV adverts… from home improvement and health to beauty and technology. We ensure that whoever we produce video for has the best quality of work. These are some of the sectors we recently worked with:

To sell your home improvement services, we’d suggest a 30 second spot would work hardest for your money. Not just a spot, but one that delivers your message to your audience powerfully. People’s homes and personal spaces are dear to them, so we don’t have to convince viewers of the importance of their homes. TV is a compelling medium for showing and selling products which will greatly improve any home.

If you’re advertising your architecture business to clients, you’re not simply selling a service to them, you’re selling them a dream. When we work on architecture ads, we try to tap into the emotional connection people tend to have with their homes, but this time, we emphasise your expertise and qualifications. People need to be convinced if they’re going to trust you with the design of a building, whether it’s residential or commercial, so we’ll show them what you’re made of.

Do you specialise in designing office, residential or commercial spaces? With interior design, people need to get a glimpse of what they’ll be getting. At Hightower, we always pay close attention to the aesthetics. With mind-blowing visuals and a convincing story, you have a winning formula.

The business of home furnishing is one where you’ll find many competing TV ads, so how do you stand out? With our last client in this sector, we focused on selling the story of the company’s painstaking attention to detail and their traditional production processes. This was apt for the target audience as this was a high-end brand. Whoever your target audience is, we can craft a story and produce a compelling ad that drives them to take action.

With our last property marketing ad project, we were focused on one thing: selling the audience a dream. Property requires a huge investment on the part of the buyer and you have to convince them that it’s a worthy investment. As we sold the audience a dream, we also emphasised the credibility of the client. After all, people need to trust you if you want them to part with thousands of pounds.

Healthcare TV adverts are effective, but they have to be done right. We are always particularly concerned with ensuring that the client’s message resonated with the target audience. From start to finish, we work hard to ensure that the ad would sell the client’s brand and consequently, attract good business.

Our TV Commercial Production Services

If you’re looking for a full-service TV ad production outfit in UK, you’ve found it. Our production services are full-range, meaning that we do everything that’s needed, from scripting and story development to shooting and post production. Do you need special effects or original music? We’ve got you covered.

For ads that require set building, you can trust Hightower to deliver. We have constructed sets for productions where all the shooting was done in our studio and others where sets were required for some of the scenes. We get to work by constructing an entire set from scratch, using the script and storyboards to make sure your ad is perfect.

For ads that need to be shot in a real-world setting, we do the legwork and make sure it’s done right. We can also shoot abroad if need be. If you need shots of holidaymakers on a break in exotic locations, you can count on us to get it done. Shooting on location comes with its own unique challenges, but our extensive experience allows us to adapt quickly and get the job done against all odds.

Do you have a vision for a brilliant animation TV ad to make your commercial stand out from the competition? Not to worry, our team of experienced, professional animators, modellers and directors will produce top-grade animation in 2D, 3D or stop frame.

No matter the setting, our experts can model, rig and animate characters to tell your story as it needs to be told. Our animation services include visual animation and motions graphics without characters, environment modelling and design, particle effects, photoreal effects and visual FX production.

To tell a convincing story, you need talents who are convincing. Sometimes, the difference between a great ad and a tacky one lies in the quality of the talents used. You’ll never have to worry about the actors and voiceover artists. We’ll do the scouting and the casting to ensure that we have the right fit for your story and your budget.

Some of the magic touch that’s seen in TV commercials is the result of brilliant editing and post production CGI. Our editors are professionals with vast experience in post-production for a variety of concepts and production styles, including multi-camera and single-camera timelines. Our CGI artists can add that extra touch to bring your commercial to life with their talent and creative craft.

Motion graphics and visual FX can make your ad truly stand out. They can be used as attention-grabbing tools to get your audience to pay attention to your message, as we emphasise the key points. Whatever your needs, our animation specialists will see to it that your ad gets a fantastic finish.

Voiceovers should be done to utmost perfection because they are just as important to the final product as the visuals and other sounds. To ensure that you get nothing less than top-quality, professionally recorded voiceovers, our voiceovers are recorded in a state-of-the-art ISDN studio. We understand the creative craft of the business, but we also take the technical aspects seriously. With the best of industry-standard equipment, we are careful to take our technology seriously.

We work with direct clients and creative agencies who require direct response ads. We can help you become a market leader in the UK direct response TV ad space. If you’re looking to run a small test DRTV campaign to see what TV is like, we’ll be glad to help. Likewise, we’re the UK agency to call if you need a large-scale campaign done. We’ll create as many versions as needed to ensure you have sufficient material to test the effectiveness of your campaign.

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Brand Response TV Commercial Production

Among the expected results of an effective advertising campaign is a great degree of brand response. We can help you produce a TV commercial that will elicit the kind of brand response you require to achieve your marketing goals.

Our extensive experience in TV commercials production means we are deeply knowledgeable about the Clearcast stipulations we need to stick to. We know what is required when creating graphics, supers and on screen text. You can trust us to produce a compliant TV ad if there’s a need to display legal text. We can also submit your ad to Clearcast on your behalf.

In addition to submitting your commercial to Clearcast, we can take it a step further and manage your playouts. We can distribute them to the transmission stations in the UK and around the world.

The job is only halfway done when the ad has been produced. For your ad to reach your audience, you’ll need to have good spots to play them. Based on your budget, we’ll ensure that you get the best placements to make sure your campaign is most effective.

Our production services go beyond 15 to 30 second TV spots. If you require a more advanced production that lasts 3 to 5 minutes, we can help. Music videos are fun and entertaining. Whether you’re selling a product or service, you’ll need to be able to communicate your brand message and entertain your audience, without letting the fun overshadow the real intent of the production, which is to communicate your marketing message.

Being a full-service agency, we offer script augmentation and development services. If you have a concept but don’t know how to translate it to screen, we’ll get a script done from scratch. Once you approve, we’ll get to work on the production.

There’s a lot more that goes into coming up with a final script than simply putting ink to paper. Before a script can be produced into a commercial that will be played on air, it must have been approved by the authorities. You don’t have to worry about this step because we’ll get the clearance needed through the relevant broadcasting authorities.

Whether you come to us with a script or our writers do the job, our storyboard artist will have to create boards off the script. Our production team will work with the boards to develop concepts for the set design. This would allow for a cohesive final delivery and seamless shooting. Storyboards are also used in post-production as a guide to make the editing process more efficient.

Once all the pre-production tasks have been completed, the next stage is filming. Our professional production crew is experienced in shooting in a variety of settings, with different filming techniques. Depending on the nature of the project, we can shoot in a single or multiple camera setup.

Broadcast Equipment Hire for your Video Advert Production

Our services include equipment hire for producers who don’t have all the equipment they need. We can provide the equipment you need if you’re hiring a producer who needs equipment to work with. We can also provide you with a few specialist equipment to complete your setup if that’s all you need.

Music Clearance and Licensing

Whether you have a particular track in mind or we have to find one for you, we can only use music that has been licensed to us. You can count on us to get the required clearance for any music we use in your TV commercial. This is very important because we don’t want you to deal with any copyright infringement issues later.

Original Music Composition and Recording

Sometimes, it’s difficult to find music that sounds right for a commercial. The music used for a commercial affects the overall quality of the ad. If we are unable to find the right sound for you, we can compose music that truly captures the essence of your brand and effectively delivers your message.

Sound Dubbing

Dubbing is different from voiceovers in that it is more precise and conveys a richer message using tools such as accents, dialects, nuance and tonality. It is recorded by professional voice actors and then combined with the original audio track of the video footage.

We understand the technicalities involved in pulling off a dub, so we employ editing and sound engineering techniques to produce a well-crafted dub that’s not noticeable to the viewer. Dubbing allows you to reach a wider audience and impact your message, no matter how diverse their languages are.

Broadcast Technical Compliance and Delivery

Scripting is not the only aspect that needs to comply with broadcast standards. Having worked in the industry for long, we understand the technical standards in the UK. We thoroughly check all the ads we produce to ensure that they are set for transmission before delivery. We make sure the dialogue is clear and understandable; we also check for consistency in the picture and sound quality.

Project Management

Production is tough. Without proper project management, its density increases, leading to loss of time and money. We offer project management services for the production of TV commercials, which are delivered on time and on budget.

We understand the problems that may arise during production and are able to deal with setbacks promptly. The demanding nature of TV production makes excellent project management inevitable. Be sure to work only with the best.

Sales Analysis

After the brilliant concept has been scripted and the post-production ‘magic’ has been added, your ad will be broadcasted on TV, but it doesn’t stop there. It’s important to track and analyse the performance of your commercial against your sales. This is how you can determine how effective your ads have been and whether they were worth the investment. We can help you determine how well you’ve met your goals.

Our Latest Adverts

They say the proof is in the pudding, but we’re not going to ask you to try our services before you decide if we’re up to the task. Here are some of our recent ads to show you the quality of work we produce.

Behind The Scenes

Behind the magic the audience sees on its screen is back-breaking (and fun) work done by the crew. Have a peek:

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FAQ’s TV Advert Production

Can we create an ad that’s sponsored by a company?

Yes, but we don’t clear those kinds of ads. Instead, the broadcaster of the channel where the ad will appear is responsible for clearing it.

We want to use or refer to a celebrity in an ad. What should we watch for?

In general, you shouldn’t refer to, caricature or feature a living celebrity (or anyone for that matter) without getting permission from them first. If they have been dead for over a year, it should be okay to reference them in a manner that’s not defamatory. Read details in section 6 of the BCAP Code.

We’re producing a bingo, gaming, lottery or betting ad. What should we look out for?

The rules that apply to these kinds of ads are complex, but we can advise you on how to produce such material to avoid any problems. You can learn more about the rules concerning these kinds of ads in sections 17 and 18 of the BCAP Code.

What is Sky AdSmart?

Sky AdSmart is a platform that allows different ads to be shown at different households at the same time, making it possible for smaller businesses to benefit from TV advertising without having to pay too much.


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