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Thoroughly modern TV advert production

At Hightower we work with only the keenest creative minds to produce TV adverts which really stick out from the pack. We’ve been producing adverts for nearly a decade and love the medium.

For a long time we have worked with both established and new brands breaking into TV across the spectrum from home improvement to food, fashion and medicinal.

We take care of the whole process, from script development and pre-production, live action and graphic based production and post. We also are happy to help with the daunting hurdle of getting the TV advert through Clearcast, the government backed body which scrutinises every TV ad that is produced in the UK to make sure everything claimed is truthful.

The process

Tv adverts can  be produced from anything from £5k all the way up to hundreds of thousands of Pounds. What tends to tie any type of TV advert together is the basics of the production process.




Initially there will be a client or company that has a requirement. The client will approach a creative agency or production company about creating the TV advert. The first person to be employed is normally the producer.

The producer will then generally employ a creative director to assist with the creative aspects of the project. They will listen to the client’s requirement and spend time developing concepts as to what the advert is looking to achieve. The creative director will work firstly with a script writer to develop a series of scripts for the project. Between them, the creative director and client will decide on the script and approach they like. The CD will then employ a storyboard artist to develop these ideas visually, which greatly helps the process of pre-production.

At this point the producer will plan and budget the TV advert production. Dates for shooting will be set as well as studios, props and the cast and crew to assist in production of the TV advert.




TV advert productions will either be shot on location or on a studio stage (or a combination of both). Although most TV adverts only take 30 seconds, the shoot itself will take from a day up to weeks for production. This is due to the complexity of shooting TV adverts, production levels tend to be a lot higher than corporate video and more complex.


Post -production


Once the TV advert shoot has been completed, the rushes will be taken to the post production team. The editor will construct a narrative from the rushes available, ensuring the visuals look great and the sound is spot on. Commonly next graphics and animation are added by the post production team – the scale and range of graphics that can be put into the advert depends on the product and budgets involved.

This is the point where music is either composed or  purchased from one of the many terrific library music companies online. VoiceOver is another common addition to the TV advert process, this will be recorded professionally, then laid onto the TV advert.


Arent TV adverts really expensive?


The TV advert landscape has changed significantly form the times of Saatchi charing £1m per second for the famous winking eye British Airways advert of the 1980s. With over 400 channels, the potential for getting a keenly priced TV advert on telly has never been greater.


Can I have Stephen Fry as my voice over?


As with all of the variables of TV advert production, you can have whoever you wish. Just do bare in mind that a celebrities fame and perceived trustworthiness tends to be in direct correlation with their fee. So if you have someone like Stephen Fry fronting your ad, it won’t come cheap!

Why do TV adverts when everyone watched Netflix nowadays?

Netflix is certainly stirred things up as far as television is concerned. What it’s worth remembering is that broadcast television is still consumed far more than any other type of media – over 4 hours per day on average. Take into account second and third screens and you can certainly see how Netflix and traditional TV can sit side by side. You can read more here


Won’t the young be using Netflix and Amazon Prime more though?


This is actually a common misconception as Thinkbox “A year in TV” explains – “For video-obsessed 15-24s, TV is also their favorite form of video, accounting for 56% of this age group” – Thinkbox


How much do TV adverts cost?


Due to the proliferation of TV channels, it is possible to create a halfway decent TV advert for £5k. However the price is totally dependant on the requirement – start throwing in celebrities or location shooting in the Bahamas and budgets inevitably have to grow!


Who does the creative ideas on a TV advert?


The creative elements of TV adverts are generally looked after by either an agency creative director or the director of the shoot itself. Occasionally producers and clients think they might have a stunning creative vistion for the TV ad –  but they’re  normally locked down before causing too much trouble 🙂


Why do so many TV adverts feature celebrities?


Celebrities are a fantastic way of creating a positive association between your brand and a person you trust who you’ve seen on TV a lot. This association can be very powerful, but be aware that the celebrity endorsement doesn’t come cheap!


Why do many TV adverts recreate a home within a studio rather than shooting on location?


You will commonly see that TV adverts go to the trouble of totally recreating the interior of a home exclusively for an advert for menial household products. The reason they go to these lengths is because there are loads of different variables if you shoot on location. You might have the general public getting in the way of shot or airplanes flying over head. In a studio environment you can control practically everything, which saves no end of headaches.


Can I have Stormzy’s track on my TV advert?


You can have any song you wish to on your advert, just be aware that you’ll need to pay for it! Licensing for famous tracks can easily run into the tens of thousands of Pounds.


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