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Promotional video is a fantastic way of showing off your organisation’s features and facilities. From SMEs all the way through to multinational brands, we have produced promos which illustrate how exciting companies can be.

Promotional Video Production

We have almost a decades experience producing eye catching, memorable promo video content. Why not get in touch to see how we can help your company stand out online.

We pride ourselves in the scope of different companies for whom we have produced promo videos. From brands through to government departments by way of universities, hospitals and SMEs; promotional content comes like second nature to us. With our broad understanding of corporate business we will learn about you fast and interpret your thoughts into compelling video content.

Product launch

For any product launch in the 21st century, it is vital to have a terrific promotional video as part of the marketing arsenal. The video can be sent out by email, hosted on the company website, shared socially or even sent out physically by DVD (to appeal to the old school marketing dept or PR!) We have worked extensively producing promo videos for Fortune 500s all the way through to SMEs. This is a promotional video we produced for SanDisk a couple of years ago. It was distributed across SanDisk’s social channels as well as the multiple global SanDisk websites and their email distribution network.

Conference film

Conferences are now frequently a multimedia grotto of organisations vying for their customer’s attention. With all the competing elements on show, it is vital to make your organisation stand out. Compelling visuals are terrific at drawing the attendees attention, backing this up with a terrific promo ensures that the customers will be staying at your stand for longer. A newer trend at conferences is to have a dedicated television channel with delegates able to show off their wares to all of their fellow attendees. We have worked extensively with a myriad of international universities, governmental departments and hospitals to produce compelling promo content for these bespoke TV channels.

Explainer video

Explainer videos are a terrific way of assisting your customer with using your product without having to resort to paying for an employee to show them over the phone or in person. One of our most prolific clients – the Shutter Store, well knows the benefits of producing explainers – we have produced many hundreds of videos for their various shutter related products. This has saved many thousands of man hours for the Shutter Store, who can now easily illustrate how to fit their terrific product. Here’s an example of one of the explainers we have produced for the Shutter Store.

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We’re a friendly bunch at Hightower and would love to hear from you

Process video

Video is extraordinarily effective at getting complicated messages and company processes across to the customer. What previously might have involved banks of text or exasperating conversations over the phone or in meetings, now can involving engaging the customer in a minute long, visually engaging explainer. We were approached by Education Cubed – a Brighton based agency specialising in the University education sector, who needed help producing a video to show off the benefits and processes of a piece of software. We summarily produced a terrific process video which now accompanies Edu Cubed to their pitch meetings – and helps them win business.

Why is it important to keep promo videos short?

Keeping attention of people is vital, a never ending video doesn’t tend to lend itself to this. Length can depend on what sort of promo video is being produced. A straight forward promo should be no more than 3 minutes whereas a more complicated process or conference video could stretch to 8 minutes.

Why are promo videos important?

It is vital to get your product seen by as many people as possible, as quickly as possible. Promo videos allow exactly this, through social sharing, email and embedding on websites

You’ve talked about visuals – what else is important?

Visuals only go so far, what is vital for an engaging promo video is to have an intelligent, interesting script. This needs to be concise and relevant and keep the viewer engaged. You’ll hear lots of sumptuous dialogue if it’s a luxury item – or perhaps more sophisticated language for the technology crowd.

Couldn’t I just shoot a promo video on my iphone?

Serious answer – no. There are so many different processes involved in professional video production undertaken by professionals. From scripting, directing, camera operating to editing – you really don’t want to try and take it on yourself. This is your product and the promo will be seen by a large amount of your customers. Don’t fall down the trap of going cheap!

Is one video enough?

One of the pitfalls that we frequently see is clients wanting to cram a lot of different ideas into one promo video. We encourage the opposite – to have one compelling idea per video, keep the promo video short – and produce a series of short videos. This feeds into the previous point made about length – but is also important to stop confusing potential clients.

Can the tone vary depending on the company?

Similarly to TV adverts, promos can have a variety of different voices. These tend to reflect the brand or company’s voice – we have produced fun content for Universities, relatively dry videos for the finance industry and quirky content for youth oriented internet companies.


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We’re a friendly bunch at Hightower and would love to hear from you


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