clearcast clearance time frames and deadlines

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Clearcast Clearance Time Frames and Deadlines

Understanding the significance of Clearcast’s time frames and deadlines is essential for any marketing agency or advertiser planning to air commercials in the UK. Adhering to these deadlines ensures that your ad campaign can proceed without any costly delays or disruptions.

Importance of Adhering to Deadlines

Why Stick to the Schedule?
Meeting Clearcast’s deadlines is crucial because it aligns with the broadcasting schedule and avoids the risk of your ad not being aired as planned. Non-compliance can lead to missed opportunities and financial implications if your campaign is delayed or, worse, cancelled.

Impact on Campaign Scheduling

Scheduling Your Success
Clearcast’s clearance time frames directly influence when your TV and VoD ad campaigns can go live. By understanding these time frames, you can plan your campaign launch accurately, ensuring maximum impact and return on investment.

Consequences of Missing Deadlines

Avoiding the Pitfalls
Failing to meet Clearcast’s deadlines can result in your advertisement not being cleared in time, which can lead to a loss of strategic airtime slots and potentially increased costs for last-minute changes or expedited services.

Navigating Deadlines with Hightower Video

Our Expertise, Your Peace of Mind
At Hightower Video, we specialize in guiding you through Clearcast’s clearance time frames and deadlines. We ensure your ads are compliant and submitted on time, leveraging our industry knowledge and relationships to avoid any hiccups in the clearance process. With our support, you can focus on creating compelling ad content, leaving the intricacies of ad clearance to us.

Understanding the Standard Clearance Process

Navigating the Clearcast clearance process is a critical step in ensuring your advertisement reaches the audience without any compliance hiccups. At Hightower Video, we understand the intricacies involved and are here to guide you through each phase.

Steps in the Clearance Process

The standard ad clearance process through Clearcast involves several key steps:

  1. Preparation of Submission: You’ll need to gather all necessary materials, including the advertisement itself, any supporting documentation for claims made in the ad, and a completed clearance form.
  2. Submission to Clearcast: Using the CopyCentral system, you submit your ad and accompanying documents for review.
  3. Clearance Review: Clearcast experts review your submission, ensuring it adheres to the UK Code of Broadcast Advertising (BCAP Code).
  4. Feedback and Amendments: If necessary, you’ll receive feedback on any areas that require changes for compliance.
  5. Resubmission (if required): After making any needed adjustments, you resubmit the ad for final approval.
  6. Approval and Clearance Number Issuance: Once your ad meets all standards, Clearcast issues a clearance number, signifying it’s ready to air.

Clearance Time Frame

Typically, the clearance process can take up to two weeks from initial submission to final approval. However, this can vary based on the complexity of the ad and the current volume of submissions Clearcast is handling.

Required Documentation

For a successful clearance submission, you’ll need:

  • The final version of your ad.
  • Scripts and storyboards.
  • Evidence to substantiate any claims.
  • A completed clearance form detailing the ad’s content and intended broadcast slots.

Role of CopyCentral

CopyCentral streamlines the clearance process by:

  • Providing a centralized platform for submission and review.
  • Enabling real-time tracking of your ad’s clearance status.
  • Facilitating direct communication with Clearcast consultants for swift feedback and resolution of issues.

At Hightower Video, we leverage our expertise and the capabilities of CopyCentral to ensure your ad clearance is as smooth and efficient as possible.

Fast Track Clearance: Ensuring Timely Ad Launches

In the dynamic world of advertising, we at Hightower Video recognize that sometimes you need to move quickly. That’s why we’re well-versed in Clearcast’s Fast Track service, which accelerates the clearance process for your urgent campaigns.

The Fast Track Advantage

Clearcast’s Fast Track service is designed for advertisements that need approval more swiftly than the standard timeline allows. Here’s how it stands out:

  • Expedited Review: Fast Track submissions are prioritized for quicker turnaround.
  • Dedicated Support: You’ll receive dedicated attention from Clearcast consultants to navigate any compliance issues promptly.

Fast Track Submission Deadlines

To take advantage of Fast Track, you must be aware of the tighter deadlines:

  • Submission: Ads must be submitted earlier in the day to ensure same-day feedback.
  • Response: Any required changes must be addressed rapidly to maintain the accelerated schedule.

Hightower Video’s Role in Fast Tracking

Our expertise can be pivotal in expediting the clearance process:

  • Guidance: We provide pre-submission advice to minimize the likelihood of delays.
  • Coordination: Our team liaises with Clearcast to streamline your Fast Track experience.
  • Compliance: We help ensure your ad meets all necessary standards before submission, reducing the need for time-consuming revisions.

With Hightower Video, you can trust that your urgent ad campaigns are in capable hands, ensuring they hit the market on schedule.

Navigating Holiday Schedules and Deadlines

Understanding how holiday schedules affect Clearcast clearance deadlines is crucial for planning your advertising campaigns. At Hightower Video, we’re committed to helping you navigate these periods with ease.

Impact of Bank Holidays on Clearance Deadlines

Bank holidays, particularly the May Bank Holiday and August Bank Holiday, can significantly impact clearance deadlines. Clearcast’s offices are closed on these days, which could extend the standard clearance time frames:

  • May Bank Holiday: If your campaign is set to launch in early June, ensure your VoD materials are submitted by the end of the preceding workday, 22nd May.
  • August Bank Holiday: For campaigns starting in September, submit your materials by the end of the workday on 18th August to accommodate the holiday closure.

Special Considerations During Holiday Periods

During these peak holiday seasons, the volume of submissions increases, which may lead to longer clearance times. It’s essential to:

  • Plan Ahead: Submit your ads well in advance of the standard deadlines.
  • Stay Informed: Keep an eye on Clearcast’s announcements for any changes to their holiday operating hours or procedures.

Ensuring Timely Clearance with Hightower Video

We at Hightower Video understand the importance of meeting your campaign timelines. Here’s how we can assist:

  • Strategic Planning: We’ll help you plan your submission schedule around holiday periods to avoid delays.
  • Direct Communication: Our team maintains open lines of communication with Clearcast to monitor your clearance status.
  • Expert Guidance: We provide insights on how to optimize your ad content for clearance, even during busy holiday times.

With our support, you can rest assured that your advertisements will be cleared in time for your critical campaign dates, regardless of the holiday schedule.

Late Submission Protocols and Provisional Approvals

When deadlines loom and you’re racing against the clock, understanding the protocols for late submissions to Clearcast is essential. At Hightower Video, we’re here to help you navigate the choppy waters of late clearance submissions and mitigate the associated risks.

Procedure for Late Clearance Submissions

If you find yourself needing to submit an ad for clearance past the standard deadlines, here’s what you need to know:

  • Late Submission Request: You must contact Clearcast as soon as possible to inform them of the late submission and to request consideration for provisional approval.
  • Provisional Approval: Clearcast may grant a provisional approval, allowing your ad to be aired while the clearance process is completed.

Risks of Late Submissions

Late submissions carry inherent risks:

  • Potential Delays: Your ad may not air on the desired date if clearance is not granted in time.
  • Additional Fees: Clearcast may impose fees for the expedited review of late submissions.

Mitigating Risks with Hightower Video

We at Hightower Video take proactive steps to prevent the need for late submissions:

  • Advance Planning: We work with you to plan and prepare your submissions well ahead of deadlines.
  • Expert Review: Our team conducts pre-submission reviews to anticipate and address any potential compliance issues.
  • Clear Communication: We maintain open communication with Clearcast to manage any late submission scenarios effectively.

By partnering with us, you can minimize the risks associated with late clearance submissions and keep your campaign on track.

Streamlining Clearance with CopyCentral and The Clearcast Library

In the complex landscape of ad clearance, efficiency is key. That’s where CopyCentral and The Clearcast Library come into play, offering robust systems designed to streamline the clearance process for your campaigns.

Features of CopyCentral and The Clearcast Library

CopyCentral is the hub for ad submissions, providing a user-friendly interface where you can:

  • Submit Ads: Easily upload your advertisements for review.
  • Track Progress: Monitor the status of your clearance in real-time.
  • Receive Feedback: Get direct communication from Clearcast consultants on any compliance issues.

The Clearcast Library serves as a comprehensive repository for:

  • Campaign Management: Store and manage all your campaign materials in one place.
  • Historical Data: Access past submissions and clearance histories to inform future campaigns.

Controlled Consent Within the Platforms

Controlled consent is a cornerstone of these systems, ensuring:

  • Data Security: Your campaign information is shared only with authorized parties.
  • Compliance: All data handling complies with the latest regulations and standards.

Leveraging Systems for Campaign Management

At Hightower Video, we utilize these platforms to enhance our service offerings:

  • Efficient Workflow: We integrate these systems into our workflow for seamless campaign management.
  • Expert Navigation: Our team is adept at using these tools to expedite the clearance process.
  • Strategic Planning: We leverage historical data from The Clearcast Library to inform strategic decisions for your campaigns.

By partnering with us, you’re tapping into a streamlined, controlled, and expertly managed clearance process that positions your campaigns for success.

Preparing for Clearance: Tips and Best Practices

When it comes to Clearcast clearance, preparation is paramount. At Hightower Video, we pride ourselves on guiding our clients through the intricacies of ad compliance with precision and foresight.

Ensuring Compliance Standards

To ensure your ad meets the necessary compliance standards, consider the following:

  • Thorough Review: Scrutinize your ad against the UK Code of Broadcast Advertising (BCAP Code) to anticipate any potential compliance issues.
  • Documentation: Keep all substantiating documents for claims made in the ad readily available, as Clearcast will require these for clearance.

The Role of Substantiation in Ad Clearance

Substantiation is the backbone of ad clearance:

  • Claim Verification: Every claim made in your ad must be verifiable and backed by evidence.
  • Assessment: Clearcast will assess the validity of your claims, so it’s crucial to present robust and reliable substantiation.

Hightower Video’s Copy Development Support

We at Hightower Video provide comprehensive support during the copy development process:

  • Expert Advice: Our team offers insights into crafting claims that are both impactful and compliant.
  • Pre-Submission Checks: We conduct pre-submission checks to ensure every aspect of your ad meets Clearcast’s standards.
  • Continuous Guidance: From concept shaping to final edits, we’re with you every step of the way to ensure a smooth clearance process.

By adhering to these best practices and leveraging our expertise, you’re setting the stage for a successful ad campaign, free from compliance concerns.

The Crucial Nature of Clearcast Deadline Adherence

Meeting Clearcast’s clearance deadlines is not just a recommendation; it’s a cornerstone of successful ad campaign planning. As your partner in this process, Hightower Video emphasizes the importance of these deadlines to ensure your ads are aired as scheduled.

Consequences of Missing Clearance Deadlines

When clearance deadlines are missed, the ripple effect can be significant:

  • Delayed Campaign Launch: Your ad may not go live on the intended date, causing potential loss of audience and revenue.
  • Rescheduling Costs: You might incur additional costs associated with rescheduling the campaign and media buys.

Tracking and Managing Deadlines

To keep your campaign on track, effective deadline management is key:

  • Clearcast’s Calendar: Utilize Clearcast’s published calendar for all clearance deadlines, including those affected by bank holidays.
  • Reminder Systems: Set up internal reminders to ensure submissions are made well before the due dates.

Hightower Video’s Deadline Management Systems

We have systems in place to support your deadline management:

  • Clearance Timeline Planning: Our team helps you plan a clearance timeline that aligns with your campaign schedule.
  • Real-Time Monitoring: We monitor the status of your ad’s clearance process, providing timely updates.
  • Proactive Communication: Should any potential delays arise, we communicate promptly to mitigate impact.

By leveraging our expertise and systems, you can rest assured that your ad clearance is managed efficiently, keeping your campaign on course.

Navigating Clearcast’s Appeals Process

When your advertisement doesn’t receive the green light from Clearcast, it’s not the end of the road. There are structured avenues for appeal, and at Hightower Video, we’re equipped to guide you through this process to seek a resolution.

Understanding the Appeals Avenues

If Clearcast does not clear your ad, you have the right to appeal the decision. The primary avenue for this is through the Copy Committee, which is a panel comprising representatives from broadcasters. This committee reviews the decisions made during the clearance process and considers any new evidence or arguments presented.

The Copy Committee’s Role in Appeals

The Copy Committee plays a crucial role in the appeals process:

  • Review: They reassess the clearance decision and the reasons behind it.
  • Deliberation: The committee considers any additional information or changes you’ve made to the ad.
  • Decision: They have the authority to overturn the initial decision or suggest further modifications for compliance.

Preparing for a Successful Appeal

To prepare for an appeal, you should:

  • Gather Evidence: Compile all relevant information and substantiation for the claims made in your ad.
  • Understand the Objections: Clearly understand Clearcast’s reasons for the initial decision to address them effectively.
  • Revise Strategically: Make any necessary changes to the ad that could address the compliance issues raised.

Hightower Video’s Support in the Appeals Process

Our team at Hightower Video can support you by:

  • Providing Expertise: We offer insights into the reasons behind Clearcast’s decisions and how to address them.
  • Assisting with Submissions: We help prepare and submit your appeal, ensuring it’s comprehensive and compelling.
  • Strategizing Revisions: If revisions are needed, we guide you on making effective changes that align with Clearcast’s standards.

With Hightower Video by your side, you’ll have a knowledgeable ally to navigate the appeals process, increasing your chances of a favorable outcome.

Comprehensive Ad Clearance Support from Clearcast

Clearcast offers a suite of additional services designed to assist with the ad clearance process, ensuring that your advertisements are not only compliant but also poised for success. At Hightower Video, we integrate these services to provide you with a seamless clearance experience.

On-Set Guidance and Edit-to-Clear Services

When you’re in the thick of production, Clearcast’s on-set guidance service can be invaluable. Here’s how it helps:

  • Real-Time Compliance: Clearcast experts can provide immediate advice on compliance, helping you make necessary adjustments on the spot.
  • Production Efficiency: This service ensures that the content you’re producing is likely to pass clearance, reducing the need for costly post-production changes.

Edit-to-clear is another critical service that aids in compliance:

  • Script Adjustments: Clearcast consultants can suggest script changes to ensure your ad meets regulatory standards.
  • Post-Production Peace of Mind: With edit-to-clear, you can be confident that your ad will be compliant before final submission.

The Importance of Online Flash Tests

The online flash test is a crucial step in the clearance process for ads with flashing images:

  • Harding Test Compliance: This test checks your ad against the Harding FPA guidelines to prevent photosensitive epilepsy triggers.
  • Clearance Requirement: Passing the online flash test is often a prerequisite for ad clearance, making it a significant step in the process.

Hightower Video’s Integration of Clearcast Services

We at Hightower Video make these additional Clearcast services an integral part of our offering:

  • Incorporating Expertise: We liaise with Clearcast’s consultants to bring their expertise directly to your ad’s production set.
  • Streamlining Clearance: By utilizing edit-to-clear and online flash tests, we streamline the path to clearance, ensuring your ad is compliant and ready for broadcast.

With our comprehensive approach, you can trust that every aspect of your ad’s clearance is managed with the utmost attention to detail and expertise.

Establishing Contact with Clearcast for Ad Clearance

When you’re ready to submit your advertisement for clearance, or if you need support during the process, knowing how to effectively communicate with Clearcast is essential. At Hightower Video, we ensure that your interactions with Clearcast are as smooth and productive as possible.

Primary Channels for Clearance Inquiries

Clearcast offers several contact methods to address your clearance inquiries:

  • Email: The primary channel is via email at, which is monitored during business hours.
  • Helpdesk: For immediate assistance, Clearcast’s helpdesk can provide quick answers to common queries.

Reaching Out Beyond Standard Hours

If you need to contact Clearcast outside of regular business hours, especially for urgent clearance matters:

  • Out-of-Hours Service: Clearcast provides an out-of-hours service for critical issues, which can be accessed through their main contact channels.

Preparing for Communication with Clearcast

Before reaching out to Clearcast, it’s important to have the following information at hand:

  • Ad Details: Have your ad’s clock number and any relevant submission details ready.
  • Specific Questions: Be clear about the assistance you require to facilitate a swift response.

Hightower Video’s Role in Facilitating Communication

We at Hightower Video act as a bridge between you and Clearcast:

  • Liaison: We can communicate on your behalf, ensuring that your inquiries are addressed promptly and accurately.
  • Expertise: Our team’s familiarity with Clearcast’s processes allows us to provide you with informed guidance and support.

By partnering with us, you gain the advantage of our expertise and established communication channels with Clearcast, ensuring your clearance inquiries are handled efficiently.

Partnering with Hightower Video for Seamless Clearcast Clearance

When you’re looking to navigate the complexities of Clearcast’s clearance process, partnering with Hightower Video offers a strategic advantage. Our expertise in the nuances of ad compliance ensures that your campaigns are not only cleared without delay but also positioned for success in the competitive advertising landscape.

Expertise and Services for Compliance Assurance

At Hightower Video, we offer a comprehensive suite of services tailored to meet Clearcast standards:

  • Pre-Clearance Review: We meticulously evaluate your ad against all compliance guidelines before submission.
  • Documentation Preparation: Our team assists in compiling all necessary substantiation for your ad’s claims, ensuring a smooth clearance process.
  • Liaison with Clearcast: We act as your representative, handling all communications and negotiations with Clearcast on your behalf.

Streamlining the Clearance Process

Our involvement streamlines the clearance process by:

  • Reducing Turnaround Time: With our pre-clearance review, we minimize the likelihood of rejection or the need for time-consuming revisions.
  • Navigating Fast Track Services: We guide you through the Fast Track option when time is of the essence, ensuring your ad meets its launch date.

Engaging Hightower Video’s Clearance Support

To engage our services for Clearcast clearance support:

  1. Reach Out: Contact us via email or phone to discuss your needs.
  2. Provide Details: Share your campaign objectives and any existing ad materials.
  3. Receive Customized Assistance: We’ll tailor our services to fit your specific clearance requirements.

Contacting Hightower Video

For assistance with Clearcast clearance:

  • Email or Call: Reach out to our dedicated team for prompt support.
  • Initial Consultation: We’ll discuss your needs and outline how we can assist.
  • Partnership Benefits: Expect a collaborative approach, with our team working as an extension of yours to navigate the clearance process.

As your partner, Hightower Video is committed to ensuring your advertisements are cleared efficiently, allowing you to focus on what you do bestcreating compelling campaigns that resonate with your audience.

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