TV Advert Repair Case Study

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The challenge

Here’s a recent case study of how Hightower Video took an existing under-performing TV advert and totally retooled it to work amazingly well.

Our Client are the leaders in lens replacement and laser eye surgery in the UK. Their TV ad wasn’t generating sufficient leads/conversions. They were considering not using TV as a medium.

The existing TV ad was well shot and had some great visuals, but it didn’t state the core benefits of the brand. It wasn’t working in the way it should. They asked Hightower Video to create a more responsive version

TV adverts

For the uninitiated, there are 3 types of TV adverts:

  • Brand ads: Coca Cola, Chanel, etc
  • Direct Response TV ads: Kitchen Magic, Conservatory Insulations
  • Brand Response ads: A bit of both

The client’s advert did not adhere to the core DRTV (Direct Response) principles. There were some great visuals, but you have no idea what the purpose of the ad for 22 out of 60 second running time. There was no pace or urgency to get someone to call / act now. The script was wishy washy, the music dull and the voice over languid and dull. Basically, the DR elements were poor.


To improve response – we produced the following –

  • From a pure marketing point of view, we retooled the proposition to present the problem to the potential customer at the start of the advert. The rest of the advert was then to show the resolution.
  • We produced a punchier script
  • We made stronger up-tempo music to increase urgency
  • We arranged a VO with more pep.
  • The Info Bar (lower third) became bigger, more intrusive, more dominant
  • The client logo was bigger
  • Movement in phone number/web address when mentioned

The result

In short – the client was delighted with the result. Consultations booked almost trebled compared to the previous campaign with the previous creative.

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