The Ultimate Video Production Guide

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From humble beginnings with Beta Max, Video 2000 and VHS, video is now everywhere. From the limited potential of the 70’s early days, video has permeated all areas of life. The latest major change in terms of people’s attitudes and technology is web based video. On these pages we will give an ultimate guide to video production, talking about the major branches of video in the 21st century and the major contributors to video production, both big and small.

TV advert Production Guide

This section will cover the industry of TV advert production. From humble beginnings in the 1950’s, through the power house days of the 1980’s – to today.

Feature Film Video Production Guide

Feature films are becoming increasingly video centric. In this article we will explain why.

Short Film Production Guide

Short films have experienced a sea change with the advent of 21st Century technology. In this section we will cover these changes and how even a film maker with a very limited budget can make something very exciting.

Web Video Production Guide

Web video is the newbie of this bunch, but has already dwarfed all other types of video in terms of it’s reach and scale over the internet.

Corporate Video Production Guide

Corporate video is finally coming of age, if done properly, no longer the embarrassing sibling of the other types of video featured here.

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