Feature Film Video Production Guide

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Due to advancements in technology, the case for bracketing feature films into video production is totally justifiable.  Starting in the mid 90’s, with the production of Once Upon a Time in Mexico, feature films have fallen in love with video, with most productions defecting from traditional 35mm and 16mm film, due to costs, versatility and the robustness of video production techniques compared to the classic medium of film.

Cameras etc

Camera advances in the last few years have ensured that video’s presence in the feature film world ever increased, thanks to HD and beyond quality that 35mm cannot replicate. In addition to this,  cameras like the RED and software like Final Cut Pro have allowed video productions to have a feature film quality, with a fraction of the cost.

Distribution is also a big plus with digital film. Rather than the expensive costs of processing delicate reels of film and distributing out to cinemas, now the whole process can be done with lossless hard drives and more recently, by merely beaming the video to the cinema by broadband connection.

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