What’s the future for Promotional Video Production?

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The marketing landscape has drastically changed over the years. So much so, one of the crucial elements required for getting through to your online audience is incorporating the use of videos in every aspect of your marketing strategy. This could be in the form of a social media video, company story video (placed on the homepage of your website), a mobile video, or any other type of video content.

We’ll be taking a look at what might be expected from the world of marketing and video production in the near future.  This will enable you to find out where and how you can take advantage to help your business grow.

Expensive tools don’t just cut it anymore

The availability of affordable and high quality equipment has been one of the biggest changes in the video production industry. There was once a time when the value and worth of a production related business could be defined by the amount of money it could afford to spend on its video equipment. This suggested that the company could afford a level of quality which others in the industry (who didn’t possess such equipment) couldn’t.

However, times have changed since then. The equipment needed for the production of high quality videos has since become more accessible and affordable than ever before. Nowadays, even iPhones are becoming more advanced and can be used to capture videos of increasing visual quality.

This means that it’s not just the tools that matter now, but way they in which they are used in the production of corporate videos.

Focus on genuine content

Since businesses now need to take their time in determining the specific objectives of a project – and indeed their target audience – pre-production is more important than ever. To be able to appeal to the target audience, captivating concepts need to be developed.

Furthermore, ensure that the content provided for the audience is not fake or staged. Audiences now crave reality, so real content must be created in order to appeal to them. They are able to tell the difference between real and fake content. It doesn’t matter whether this includes original footage showing the genuine reactions of customers to your products or services, or a behind-the-scenes tour of your business premises. People desire real content.

The emergence, availability, and affordability of high-quality equipment have been witnessed by several brands and businesses. They now believe that they can achieve high quality videos all by themselves and be able to cut costs and save some money all the while.

However, it’s not always prudent for businesses to take up video production responsibilities all by themselves. Although it could work out fine for certain projects, it would always be better to seek professional help for commercial or semi-complex promo video production – especially when there’s too much room for error and various moving parts are involved.

This is advisable, because the business might end up spreading its resources too thin, spending valuable time and money – and might still require calling in an expert nevertheless. It is the duty of video production companies to contribute 100% of their time, whereas doing it yourself would mean cutting time for other responsibilities and duties.


It’s now the norm for more and more people to make videos than ever before, which has become increasingly evident in the industry of video production. For this reason, several video production companies are increasingly trying their best to break apart from the pack and differentiate themselves.

Several companies now find it necessary to specialise and narrow down their services to meet the needs of specific industries; for example, healthcare and real estate. The idea behind this is to delve fully into one specific industry and learn all there is to know concerning video production service delivery within that niche. This will subsequently enable them to become experts who would be sought after by businesses that wish to succeed with video in their particular field.

Video production companies can also set themselves apart from their competitors by creating a unique style of video. In essence, they would need to create a type of trademark for themselves.

It’s no longer enough to be adequate in terms of editing, cinematography and production. The crux now is to create a certain level of uniqueness and specialty. This could mean creating a new style, focusing on a certain industry/ specific audience, or anything at all that can set you apart.



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