5 Vital brand elements for businesses considering TV Commercials

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Despite the ever-growing prevalence of the internet, TV still holds a dominant place in brand promotion and the advertising industry. The TV ad industry, in fact, is not just thriving but experiencing year-on-year on growth, with increasing advertising revenues recorded over the years, despite the ascendance of digital campaigns.

If you’re considering buying a TV spot for commercials, there’s no doubt that there are loads of benefits to reap from the venture, as there are lots of your target audience consuming media there to attract. However, it’s always important that you get things right before you launch a TV ad campaign. 5 of the most important things to get in place are the following brand elements:

  1. An enhanced, memorable brand image

Your brand image is the impression your customers have of your brand.

Before going for TV commercials, you have to work on your brand image. This a prerequisite for starting up a business in the first place. But if you’re going into TV commercials, you’ll have to make sure your brand image is right for the kind of audience you’re looking to attract through this medium.

Brand images morph over time. This means even when you’ve launched your commercials, you have to maintain effort on presenting your brand in the best way possible. But you have to lay down the ground work and have a clear brand trajectory before your campaign goes live.

  1. A well-defined campaign objective

If you want to launch a successful TV commercial, define your objectives. What is the purpose of the ad: are you introducing a new product, re-branding, or following up a previous commercial? You need to have a clear focus on your goals in order to come up with a compelling and appealing campaign that works.

Once your campaign objective is defined, you can make a plan that is solely designed to achieve that goal. The messaging and approach for re-branding can’t be the same with that of a product introduction. Your ideal audience is another data that should be well defined before you launch your campaign.

  1. An optimised conversion funnel with an improved user flow

While you can target certain demographics by placing your commercials on specific time-slots and shows, TV adverts still throw a wide net and there’s always the likelihood of attracting leads that are unlikely buyers. You need a proven conversion funnel that can further enhance your user flow and have a laser focus on your target audience.

What’s more, you won’t be advertising to just existing customers that know about your brand so it’s essential to have a sales team and plan at the ready to turn impressions into sales. You can always start with digital testing, which gives you the leverage to execute tweaks until you realise the best conversion strategy for your brand.

  1. A resounding brand message

It’s important that you have the message for your target demographic down before you launch. This will help you properly articulate your brand audibly and visually in 30 seconds. Let people know why you’re their best option and how you can attend to their needs.

To achieve the best results, work with your marketing experts and examine every word. This will give you time to make things better. If someone has an issue with a word and the image or idea it represents, deliberate on it thoroughly. This is a collaborative process that always works.

Before engaging your team in the conversation, ensure you have an idea of what to put out there, else you won’t make any headway. If you don’t know how to make an ad or what should go into one, you can employ an ad agency and present your ideas to them.

Ultimately, you need to put a message out there that your target audience will find hard to ignore and forget. A memorable message is one element that makes any ad campaign effective. Uniqueness will play a vital role. Don’t replay what your competitors may be preaching. Make sure you hit other points and that your message stands out.

  1. A great social media and online presence

You can further boost your TV commercials with a great social media and online presence. But this has to be put in place before your launch. Make sure your brand has put effort into building an attractive social media profile and great company website. This way, you can direct your TV audience to these channels by embedding your social media and website pages in your commercials.

TV ad campaigns are still green for brands that know how to go about things. With a defined goal, great brand image, a resounding message and plans to convert future leads, you can watch your business grow in no time with TV commercials.

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