Canopies UK TV Ad shoot

2 mins read

We’ve just returned from a challanging shoot (to say the least) up in Wigan and Selby, Yorkshire shooting a TV ad for Canopies UK. Here are some shots of the shoot, which included a rain machine, cast of 12, multiple locations and a naughty malfunctioning FS100 camera!

Our rain machine! Darren and his team regularly do Corrie, Hollyoaks and all those other Northern dramas

Evan and our Director of Photgraphy of choice, Steve setting up a dolly AND a jib!

Evan demo’ing the highly effective rain from the rain machine

Production fixer Gav O’Malley R slouching around in the hotel in Bolton – we had a top curry afterwards!

Gav “Onions” O’Malley standing in for a miserable car driver at the start of day 2.

Steve encased in his bag (to protect camera #2 from a soaking from the rain machine


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