Fun on our Tommy Walsh shoot

2 mins read

Some photos of our trip to Woking and Newbury to shoot 3 new TV adverts for Crocodile – this time featuring arguably (a tie with Bob) the most famous builder in the land – Tommy Walsh!

Gavin “onions” O’Malley – who somehow has been promoted to Production Manager – surveys the first location in sunny Woking

Tommy pointing out what a silly beard director Evan Pugh has adopted

Clients Andy and David “Ditz” Ditzel having a chin wag

Shooting outdoors in the UK is terrifying what ever the time of year – luckily the black clouds behind the Winter Garden in this shot didnt amount to anything!

Evan and Tommy chat whilst Andy and Ditz fiddle around with fake candles

Phil the DoP operates the jib as the Boosh and Evan look on

Evan having a gander on the monitor

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