Kitchen Magic TV advert featuring the Lovely Debbie McGee

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Here’s a TV advert we recently produced for new client Kitchen Magic – starring everyone’s favourite magician’s assistant and Strictly runner up – the lovely Debbie McGee.

The challenge we had was to feature Debbie transforming a tired, old kitchen into a sparkling new one with just a click of her fingers.

We achieved this by shooting on two consecutive Thursdays in August – first day with the “before” kitchen – then the Kitchen Magic team did their bit (over approx 2 days) – then we returned and shot the “after” kitchen.

One of the biggest challenges was matching the before and after shots – the big reveal in the middle of the advert – plus a split screen you can see on the end frame. Big hats off to our camera crew John and Laura for that one!

Big shout out to all the crew who excelled as usual!

Producer – Gavin O’Mally-Richardson

Director – Luke Cairns

DoP – John Heaney

Camera Op – Laura Dean

BTS/Post – Steven Probets

MUA – Brittany Jamison-Lackey /Jemma Stokes

Script – Chris Muir

Music – Mark Smith

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