Rate Card For Television Commercials 2023

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This is a approximate rate card for TV advert production with Hightower Video.

It’s important to stress that each quote and project we undertake is highly tailored to the client and their objectives, so the prices you see are approximate.

TV advert production is about the definition of a “piece of string”  – with every single element from script writing to cameras, editing software to delivery having basic solutions up to vastly expensive ones.

Here are “starting from” prices for a 30 second TV advert.

Each include

  • Creative/script development
  • Full TV admin including 3 stage Clearcast clearance
  • Voiceover
  • Custom produced music


Starting From £3000+VAT For A Graphics Based Ads Using Client Assets.

Here’s an graphic and asset based example for an architecture firm.


Starting from £5k+VAT for a graphics/limited animation/stock footage advert

This example of a quite stock footage heavy and graphics advert for a gardening company.


Starting from £7k+VAT for a basic studio set up (without talent)

A gorgeous table top example for a premium honey company


Starting from £9k +VAT for full animation

This is a After Effects based animation for a property company.



Approx. price range from £10k to £30k for live action with talent/locations

Here are several examples with specific prices for each of the sort of production you can expect from the budget



This included one main talent, we featured crew as the other onscreen talent to save costs. One location in Harrow.



This advert featured two main talent in one premium location



This one featured two talent a stuntman also 3D computer graphics and a premium location.


@£20k+VAT plus talent fee

We had premium talent on this one (fee is of course confidential) plus a larger lighting crew and more post production work.



This advert featured underwater filming, a good amount of computer graphics plus five talent.

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