TV Advert For Conservatory Insulations

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Here’s a recently completed edition to the Hightower TV advert production stable. Conservatory Insulations are new to TV adverts as a marketing form, having spent most of their time concentrating on press and digital. They wisely chose to use a celebrity to front their campaign, in this case Anna Ryder Richardson – who we’re fortunate enough to have worked with before – and she is brilliant.

The concept centres around the fact that frequently conservatories are too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter. CI’s product solves this issue with their unique fold quilt system.

Anna being the game lady she is was fine about mugging away to the camera to produce the hot and cold gags which were written in the script, as well as perform beautifully for the rest of the TV advert.

The advert is also significant as it is the first TV advert directed by Hightower Head of Production Luke Cairns and the first produced by long time Production Manager Gavin “Onions” O’Mally Richardson

The advert will be running on Channel 4 from 6th September – watch out for it!


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