TV advert Production Guide

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Commercials are a real trail blazer when it comes to the adoption of new technology – video being a perfect example of this. TV commercials have an unbridled thirst for new tech due to high budgets (still the most expensive rate per second of footage on screen compared to the other mediums talked about here) and the desire to be more attention grabbing in an ever more crowded market place.

TV advert production

Commercial production will normally involve a large crew, similar to the size of a reasonable feature, to ensure that the best quality possible footage is acquired. Due to the rise of web video, 9/11 and more recently the global financial crisis, these budgets have been squeezed – although, helpfully this has been countered to an extent by video technology allowing for better return on initial investment.

Due to the rise of web video, TV advert production companies and broadcasters have had to become a lot more competitive with producing content and with the price of selling media on the television. These more competitive prices have led to opportunities for smaller companies to have an excellent presence regionally or on satellite and digital broadcasters.

Commercial producers looked on ruefully as Digital Television Recorders came available, thinking it may spell the end of the commercial. Why would anybody watch commercials when the programme has already been recorded on the DVR and you can fast forward through the advert? However evidence has shown that DVRs encourage people to view more TV in general – and specifically more TV live. This means that the commercial is actually reaching more eye balls than it would have done in the days before Digital Video Recorders.


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