TV Adverts Are Still Relevant: How to Get Them Right

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A TV advert promotes your goods and services for a short period of time during optimal TV viewing hours. For a while, there’s been a lot of debate over the efficacy and relevance of TV adverts given the rise of digital ads. However, various research, studies and figures show that television adverts work, hence the need for a production team to ensure your tv advert is successful.

Think of it in terms of a marketing strategy. If you go in without a plan of action, marketing goals and a team of experts to guide you, you’re most likely going to fail before you hit the ground running. An ad is only as good as the production team who puts it together. From the music, lighting, camera production and everything else that goes into a memorable ad, a great production is a difference between an evergreen tv ad that people are talking about for years and an ad everyone forgets in a month.

The steps to creating a great tv ad

Finding the big idea: There are thousands of ads fighting to hold the viewers’ attention. What is your big idea that is going to get people interested in your offering?

A fantastic script: There is no “winging it” in television commercials. It must be scripted out and have a uniform tone in terms of pacing and direction.

How many people are going to be in the ad? Some of the best tv adverts don’t have people at all and others contain professional actors. Who is your target audience and how do these actors tie into that demographic so its relatable with your audience?

Planning the shots: If you run a furniture store or clothing line you probably have several options to chose from. The key is to choose the best products that potential customers will love. Trying to cram them all into a one-minute commercial is not advisable.

The need for a production team to ensure the success of a TV Advert

From the above, it’s clear to see that you need a production team to handle every aspect of the tv ad process. The three ingredients of a great tv advert include: Get the viewer’s attention, penetrate their mind and make them feel. Everything must be cohesive for the tv advert to work out perfectly. Audio and video must match, the location should complement the script and the music must be spot on.

A few benefits of hiring a tv production team include

Experience: The first thing a tv production team brings to the table is their experience. If you’re shooting an advert that’s going to air during the half-time break of a premier league match or during a prime-time tv show, a good tv advert entertains the audience, educates them and convinces your target audience to take your call to action. An experienced tv advert production team ensures your ad does exactly what you want it to do.

Handling all aspects of production: There is a lot going on behind the scenes of a tv advert. Viewers only see the finished product but a production company ensures there are no errors for them to note. They handle the script writing, finding the right location, shooting the video, editing the video, choosing a befitting song and anything else you need.

Making a video that evokes emotion in the audience: A key element of a good tv advert is its’ ability to be memorable in the mind of the audience. Its’ a characteristic shared by great adverts from Coca-Cola, Pepsi and Nike. Getting your audience to feel is not an easy task to accomplish. A memorable advert taps into the power of emotion, connecting with the audience on a deeper level and making them feel what you want. Only a professional tv advert production can produce this result.

Include a call-to-action with a clear message: A professional tv production team is adept at incorporating your call-to-action in a way that is easily understood and compels your audience to act at the end of the video.

Creating a video that represents your brand: Its’ easy to get lost in the storyline if its’ not well-scripted. People should see your tv advert and know what you represent. A tv advert production company knows how to include visual and verbal clues that perfectly shows your brand’s face from the start.


When creating a TV advert, the only way to go is with a production company or studio that understands guidelines for local broadcast delivery follows a well-written script and tugs at the heartstrings of your target audience. Our work continues even after your tv advert has launched. We can monitor your campaign, identify new engagement opportunities, improve campaign performance and maximise response.

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