Corporate Video Production Guide

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Corporate video is an interesting addition to the stable of video productions, only really on the scene for the last 30 years; corporate video has always had a bit of an identity problem. Many people still associate the medium with the rather unfortunate imagery of those 80’s productions that long outstayed their welcome at many companies large and small.

Fortunately, with the advent of better technology and equipment, the quality of a good corporate video can now be lauded in the same sentence as a well made commercial or feature. Very similar techniques apply in terms of production and post production –  companies’ expectations are also understandably, rising too.

Web Video

Most corporations have video content on the websites now, which is testament not only to the rise of web video, but also the importance of corporate video to win custom, help customers and staff and to generally improve public perception of an organisation.

To conclude, there are rafts of different video production areas that have developed over the course of the last 30 years. What is interesting is how the advent of digital video has really flattened the playing field amongst the various types of video production. Where as corporate video (for example) was seen as a laughable little brother to the feature film – we now have the likes of Maersk producing $2m corporate videos, directed by Hollywood talent and narrated by John Hurt.

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