Proper video producton vs “DIY”

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The idiom “you get what you pay for” is truer in video production than in many industries. We have quoted companies big and small, and it is interesting how many marketing directors decide it’s better to do a DIY film to get the point across than to employ professionals to actually made a proper video for you.

This of course can lead to some pretty scary results which really don’t do anybody any favours. The reality is that it is infrequent that a member of staff has the ability to concept, shoot, edit and post a corporate video to anything like the standard of a good video production company.

Peep Show

One potential hurdle is time taken out of the normal working day. How much is a member of your staff costing you on an hourly basis? Times that by the number of staff who are given carte blache to mess around for a day or so to produce something which will probably look sub-peep show material – and not in an ironic way.

Of more concern is the result, of course. Would you as a company owner allow a couple of people from accounts to put together and launch the firm’s new website? how about print advertising campaign? For most, the idea of even hiring any one of the number of under par video production companies would be considered silly, but to have a totally untrained member of staff make a video which could be seen by potential clients seems very silly indeed.


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