Should You Use an Influencer in Your Corporate Video Ads?

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Influencer marketing has literally taken advertising and content promotion to a whole new level, bringing brands closer to their target audience faster than traditional paid advertising. There is no limit to the types of content influencers can promote, and corporate video productions are not left out.

A 2018 survey carried out by a marketing platform, Linqia, shows that 86% of 181 marketers used influencers in 2017 and 92% of them said it is an effective strategy. What makes it effective? Why should you consider using influencers in your corporate video ads?

Boosts brand awareness

Using influencers in your corporate video ads would ensure it goes far and wide, what the internet terms ‘go viral.’ The more people see your posts, the more visible it is by so many other people – that’s how most social algorithms work. When your brand goes viral you can be sure to see a significant increase in followership and sales. But it all starts with getting an influencer in there to stand in the gap with a placard that reads “I trust these guys, you should, too!”

Influence decisions

Influencers do just that – influence people to make decisions they wouldn’t have made normally. They have built long-term relationships with their followers either by producing valuable content consistently or are celebrities everyone just wants to associate with. Whatever the case, they are very effective. A company which sells music production equipment, for instance, can gain more traction and increase sales just by featuring a music star using any of these devices in a corporate video. People will buy the product not necessarily because it is awesome, but because that star endorsed it.

Reach target audience

Influencers can take you directly to the audience you cater for, but you must first choose the right influencers to work with. It is best practice to choose influencers who operate in the same niche as you, and who have an audience that is interested in what you are selling. Brands can work with influencers who specialise in particular categories such as fashion, movies, electronics, gaming, and so on, for the best results.

Increase leads and sales

As your fan base grows so does your sales margin, which is in fact the main reason for using influencers in your corporate video. First, it is to boost awareness for your brand or product, reach your target audience, and then convert them to buy. Influencers set you on the right track to achieving this.

Choosing an influencer

This is a very critical part of the process, your decision here determines how successful your brand video would be. So, some work should be done here to ensure only the right individuals are brought onboard. Some factors to look out for include:

  • Focus on a niche

Your brand is better off working with someone who operates in the same niche as yours. It is easier to convince people this way. If you are a fashion outfit, look for influencers in that industry who can pull some weight in your favour, same applies to other categories.

  • Reputation

The reputation of the influencer matters a lot. You should only associate with people who resonate and agree with your brand values and goals. If the target influencer operates within the same niche and has a significant following but a lifestyle that doesn’t align with your brand, then he is not the ideal choice.

  • Measure engagement

Sometimes things are not as they seem, some influencers may have the numbers but not the engagement and that is a red flag for you to avoid. You need an audience that will engage with you, not a dormant one. So, only go for those who have an audience that participates. Feel free to ask influencers for their engagement metrics, compare, then choose which works best for you.


Influencer marketing is here to stay, and can really give your brand an edge as it aims to stand out and leverage on the market. Be sure to source for the right influencers that can get the job done for you.

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