Video production in multiple languages

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The production of video, whether it be corporate, web or even TV commercial can be a challenge when more than one territory or langauge is involved.

Delivering dialogue

Produced a certain way, it might involve multiple locations worldwide, with different actors delivering dialogue in their native tongue and provide a SIGNIFICANT amount of post production. This of course would create a hugely expensive video. Fortunately, there are many industry “tricks” to avoid a hugely expensive and logistically difficult video production.

Multinational production

Having a generic set of actors who don’t speak clearly to camera is a big help. In a recent big production we did for a multinational, we employed 4 actors who nicely covered the international demographic for the client. They also didnt speak to camera at all. We rounded off the production by shooting in some beautiful locations in Brighton and Sussex – which defied the English weather – to produce a video which could have been shot in California or Kuala Lumpar or Kuwait.

So there is a big price saving in producing a corporate video this way, the next step after the edit and grade is multi lingual voice over and titles in the languages necessary.

One pit fall to avoid is trying to be clever and lip syncing dialogue for multi-national campaigns (this seems to happen a lot with chewing gum and washing powder for some reason. Viewers can spot a fake easily – and it can be damaging for a brand if your client is laughing at your video/television ad.

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