7 Key Strategies to Improve Your Business YouTube Channel

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More and more people are consuming media on their computerised devices and their Televisions through streaming media. YouTube has done a great job of incorporating video ads into it’s content at the beginning and through longer content.

Are you starting a YouTube channel and wondering how to produce algorithm-friendly content and get the best return on investment (ROI) on your video content?

Perhaps you already have a YouTube channel, posted video content and even have a number of subscribers, but you’re thinking there’s a lot you could do to generate organic traffic. Perhaps you want to get your channel more optimised, but you’re not sure what to do.

Here are 7 key strategies you can use to improve your business YouTube channel:

  1. Create a Branded Channel

A branded channel ensures that visitors can see that it is your official channel. It involves changing the layout of the channel to the brand’s new marketing design, followed by the addition of social network links, channel description, channel art, a channel icon, and your website.

Don’t neglect the “About Us” section. It should be creatively completed so that visitors can know what your brand is all about.

Also if you have an introductory video to your business, you should make it your Unsubscribed Trailer video. This will ensure that non-subscribers will see this video upon visiting.

  1. Complete the About Us Page

YouTube showcases the first 48 characters of the About Us page in its search results, thus making it a necessary aspect for channel growth. The usefulness of the page is not only for visitors to know all about your business, what you do, what kind of video content you post or intend to post or what value you’ll be adding to them. It is also an avenue for YouTube to display the best content there is.

Inserting keywords naturally into the written content will also assist in maximising the usefulness of the About Us page.

SEMrush, Moz, Google Analytics and Google Search Console among others are some of the resources and tools you can use to search for intent-rich keywords that promote organic rankings.

  1. Post Long Quality Videos

The longer a video, the more audience retention it gets. This means that when a YouTube video is longer than the average, it keeps the viewers occupied and attains a higher watch time than normal length videos. It is however important to ensure that the videos are not long but fluff-stuffed, they should provide the viewers with valuable information that they want and need.

The first 15 seconds of any video is the most important and ideal part to optimise because in that time viewers will decide if it’s of value to them and they want to continue watching or not. Brian Dean’s Preview, Proof, Preview YouTube optimisation formula sheds more light on how to achieve maximum watch time in 15 seconds.

Coming up with the best content that will strongly resonate with viewers is not easy. There are companies all around the UK that specialise in providing video production services including branded content creation, TV advert production, media planning, etc.

How-To videos are perfect examples of long, information-filled video content that will ensure an increase in average watch time. They:

  • Are rich with information, frequently asked questions or explanations
  • Focus on a particular topic or answer a specific question or series of questions
  • Offer interesting bits of information the viewer won’t get bored of

Video watch time is the most important video ranking factor. A low watch time means viewers have not found your content relevant enough to remain on the page.

  1. Make Your Channel More Appealing

A more visually appealing channel will interest viewers and make them stay longer on your page. YouTube is all about what people see, therefore to improve your business or brand on the platform, you have to make everything about it as visually appealing as possible.

Take a look at Barbie YouTube channel. It is one of the more appealing YouTube channels full of colourful, interesting and engaging content. The channel is set up not only to captivate their target audience, young girls, but to keep their attention as well.

In order to create a visually appealing channel, you need to first know and understand your target audience. With that, you will be able to come up with fascinating and high-resolution videos, logos, webinars and other video marketing content forms in catchy, click-bait thumbnails to encourage viewers to click and watch. According to YouTube Creators, formerly known as The Creator Academy, “90% of the best performing videos on YouTube have custom thumbnails.”

  1. Go Live

The making and editing of videos is time consuming. Live streaming is one good way of reducing the time spent on the creation and curation of video content. Not only is live streaming a time saver, when mastered, it is also the easiest form of content creation.

Live streaming is so easy to do that it is a feature on almost all social media platforms including Instagram and Facebook.

Live videos generally have high watch times and are a great engagement platform as it encourages direct communication with the audience.

  1. Include End Screens to Promote Your Channel, Videos, or Website

End screens as the name suggests usually come at the end of a video – the last 20 seconds to be exact. They are interactive graphics that perform any or all of the following:

  • Link to another channel, video, web page or playlist
  • Prompt viewers to subscribe to your channel

It is important to consider where you want your viewer to go after watching your video and direct them there. End screens are a way of extending a video and increasing watch time. They are also more effective when the on-screen presenter is still talking to the viewers.

  1. Insert Keywords
  • Use channel keyword tags under Advanced Settings
  • Put a keyword in your channel name

In other words, search engine optimisation. Your brand needs anything and everything it can get that will make it easier for searchers to find you. One way of achieving this is by putting a keyword in your YouTube channel name. For example, instead of “Business name,” use “Business name: Keyword.” The keyword could be your niche or industry, service or product.

You don’t need to stuff your content with keywords. All that’s necessary is the right tags that add value. YouTube can be a very powerful tool to help build awareness for your company. And with the right set objectives, strategies and execution, you’re well on your way to becoming a YouTube business pro.

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