How your Brand can use Video Ads effectively

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Digital video advertising is a prominent marketing trend today. Brands are increasingly eager to use video ads as part of their marketing mix. This is because rather than scroll down a long line of text – whether on social media or a business website – audiences would prefer to watch an informative video about the brand or its products and services.

This means that video ads are very effective for increasing brand recognition and sales, when effectively created and targeted.

Marketers need to pay careful attention to the type of video content produced, as well as the target audience and the platforms on which these ads are shared. A well-targeted and informative video ad is an excellent tool for SEO, prospect conversion, and increased sales.

How can you use video ads effectively?

The answer to this question is two pronged:

  • Create superior content for your video ads that will attract consumer attention
  • Make use of multiple channels to reach your target audience

Create superior content that will attract attention

There are five things you can do in order to achieve this:

  1. Put more effort into the first few seconds of an ad

It’s critical to capture the viewer’s interest within the first few seconds of the video. If a viewer isn’t properly engaged right from the beginning, it’s very much likely that they will skip the ad before anything relevant to the business has been revealed.

You can start by raising a popular concern, sharing something that makes your brand stand out, or even asking a relevant question that will make your viewers eager to learn more.

Native video ads on social media (including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) play automatically as viewers scroll down the feed. More often than not, videos will play whilst muted. For instance, on Facebook, it’s been shown that 85% of videos are watched without sound. It’s therefore important to begin the ad with captivating visuals that will compel the viewer to take interest and not just scroll past.

  1. Timing is everything

Typically, there is an optimal length required for online video ads – especially on social media. For example, video ads should run for 30 seconds at most. Therefore, whilst creating a script, it’s important to keep this in mind.

On the other hand, there are circumstances that will no doubt require longer videos, such as when the video is to be used for brand positioning.

Whatever the case may be, it’s important to eliminate extraneous content and present your message as succinctly as possible.

  1. Highlight what makes your brand relevant

Your video ad should be able to tell viewers what your brand does and why they should be interested in it. Show them what sets your brand apart from the competition, what makes your products and services unique, and also point out your achievements. Showcasing positive feedback and customer testimonials is also a good way to go.

  1. Centre the ad around the story, not the sale

Consumers are constantly faced with a barrage of irrelevant sales clutter, which can often be fairly annoying. It’s therefore important to concentrate on the value you’re offering your viewers, rather than putting more effort in trying to make a sale.

For your video ad to be effective, it must appeal to the viewer’s hidden desires and needs. The same rule that applies to written content marketing also applies to video ads. So, focus on entertaining or educating your audience and then strategically add a ‘call to action’ at the end of the video.

  1. Include a ‘Call to Action’

The ultimate aim of your video ad is to motivate viewers to take action. It is therefore ideal to add a ‘call to action’ at the end of the video. This will lead your viewers to make a purchase, take advantage of an offer, or subscribe accordingly. By using a ‘call to action’, you can procure prospect details and increase the chances of viewers making a purchase further down the sales funnel.

Make use of multiple channels to reach your target audience

You need to ensure your video can be easily found. One way to achieve this is by hosting it across multiple platforms. This will enable you to derive maximum SEO value from the video in question. So, to increase the likelihood of receiving inbound marketing links, enable embedding on the video.

Be sure to give the ad a valid title, and tag it with relevant keywords that will enable Google’s search spiders to understand what the video content entails.

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