Rate card for video production

Rate card for video production

 This is a guide to approximate costs for video production with Hightower Video, covering motion graphics, 2D and 3D animation as well as live action. Range prices are given because every production is different – time taken, professionals of varying trades involved and a myriad of other factors always need to be taken into account.

You’ll see there are two price brackets, one for online video and the other for broadcast TV adverts. Every component of TV adverts is more time consuming and specialised than online video content.

 After Effects based Motion Graphics

After Effects based animation is a very cost effective and engaging way of grabbing the attention of the viewer. It is very fashionable in upscale web video and commercials. With motion graphics production, costs vary according to the length and complexity of the video and the man hours needed to produce it.

Motion graphics production

Including in 3 rounds of editorial changes

Library music in perpetuity

Voice Over

Approx price range – online video £2000-5000 +VAT

Approx price range – broadcast TV advert £5000-£10,000 +VAT

2D and 3D animation

As a rule of thumb rendering and animating elements in 3D takes twice the amount of man hours and processing time than 2D. This is of course off set by how engaging 3D graphics can look. The example here was 95% rendered in Maya 3D and took a number of weeks to complete.

3D animation

4 days motion graphics/edit

Including in 3 rounds of editorial changes

Library music in perpetuity

Voice Over

Approx price range – online video £6000-10,000 +VAT

Approx price range – broadcast TV advert – £8000-£25,000 +VAT

Live action shoot

Fully crewed live action shoots are again, a totally different kettle of fish. It is possible to shoot a live action video with a small cast and crew for £4,000. A TV advert shoot like the example above featured had a full production crew, multiple locations, actors with buy outs and various other elements involved and hit the higher end of the rate card.




Sound Recordist



Location costs (hiring venues/council permits etc)





Motion graphics/titles

2 rounds of editorial changes

Voice Over


Approx price range

Approx price range – online video – £5,000 – 10,000 +VAT

Approx price range – broadcast TV advert £12,000 – £40,000 (and beyond depending on scope)

Additional cost considerations

Actor image buy outs

Buy out rates vary a great amount between broadcast on digital channels and terrestrial (ITV, C4)

Higher end Voice Over

Custom Music

Any special effects, helicopters, rain machines etc

Scripting, we can work with you to generate scripts

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