Video Production Roles

Video Production Roles

The Director

As far as video production is concerned, the keystone is really the director of the production. The director’s role encompasses a great deal of input into the finished result. They will usually be creative minded individuals, perhaps dreamy and slightly removed from reality, sometimes laser focused on the job at hand.

 The Producer

The role of video producer is totally integral to the whole process of video production. Some not familiar with the industry may have the clichéd image of a fat cat producer sitting around in a chair

with their name embroidered into it, chewing a cigar. Now, whilst every cliché has a glimmer of truth to it, in this case – a producer does a lot more than sit around on shoots, drinking tea and telling

people what to do!

The Director of Photography

The Director of Photography is the member of the crew most tied in with the director at establishing a visual style for the film or video production. The Director of Photography is the member of the crew most tied in with the director at establishing a visual style for the film or video production.


The editor takes on a role which is vital to the construction of a video production. Tapes and tapes of rushes from a shoot do not, a video make. The editor will come in at a later stage of production; again, it is very normal for the editor to have worked frequently in the past with the director or other senior members of the production crew. It is vital for the editor to have a good understanding of how the director works and will work in close collaboration with them to construct a narrative from rushes from the shoot.

Sound Recordist

Sound is one of the most critical aspects of any kind of video production, from a student film to a corporate video or a Hollywood blockbuster. It is also one of the most neglected, so here is some

background on the sound recordist.

Makeup Artist

Wardrobe and make up are a very important, although frequently underappreciated aspect of any video production. The work of people in this industry can frequently make the difference between

an average and outstanding piece of work.

Motion Graphics Specialist

The motion graphics specialist is certainly the most significant new addition to the roster of video production specialists. Motion graphics come in a variety of different flavours, which will be detailed

below. Each graphics person has the same objective in mind, to create arresting visuals that will take the video production to the next level.


Long considered a rite of passage and the first rung of a very long ladder to a fantastic career in the medium, being a runner is a tough deal. There are different types of runners, which

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