Short Film Production Guide

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Short video is another area which has been revolutionised by the progress in the last 10-15 years of digital video. Previously short film makers would be severely hobbled by the tech avail to them. For a film maker with a limited budget – 35mm film would probably be out, 8 or 16mm look great if well lit – but are limited by their durability and other physical constraints. VHS cameras provided a bit more flexibility, but the quality was always quite embarrassing – compared to the majesty of 35mm.

HD video

Thankfully the advent of HD video has allowed the short film maker to shoot great footage and not have to have elaborate lighting set ups to achieve this. Most modern cameras have a very forgiving gain setting which will allow shooting in even a low light.

The result is an explosion in the production of short film, with very well produced videos (as well as swathes of utter rubbish) permeating the internet.  This is all fantastically positive for creative minded people and the best thing is that it will only get better as video technology improves.

This is helped enormously by the amount of eye balls that view your masterpiece, thanks to modern video marketing. Through services like YouTube and Vimeo, thousands can see your productions and caste their own views on your work..

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