The interesting mid point in video production between clients and creatives

2 mins read

One of the more interesting intersections when it comes to video production is the mid point the producer has to meet between client and creatives working on the project. A producer has an interesting juggling act to perform – of course, the client is always right because they are the client, but some clients may not have the most creative outlook on the project. This can sometimes creative ire with the creatives instructed to work on the production.

This balancing act runs straight through all film making like a stick of rock. Think about the biggest productions like Star Wars and Marvel. Recently a string of creative film makers have locked horns with the money men and have often fallen foul. Think Josh Trank getting sacked from the Bobba Fett film before it even launched, or the directors of the Han Solo film and Star Wars episode IX, who’s creative instincts ran counter to the expectations of the franchise.

As a TV advert producer, I do feel sympathy for both sides. It’s very true that the client is always right, but they will often plough a familiar furrow. The benefit of listening to the creatives is that they may have ideas that come from left field and will help the TV ad or web video really stand out. This may make the difference between a bog standard production and one that really fizzes.

The other side of the coin is creatives missing the point of the brief and the entire marketing exercise with their barmy creative ideas. They are also in the habit of becoming cross if they don’t get their own way and kicking back against the client and producer (see Star Wars examples above).

This is where the producer’s balancing act is so important. Keeping the client happy and involved in the creative process whilst keeping the creatives motivated but aware that the production is a commercial endeavour and the client is ultimately, always right! 🙂




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