Using Video to market your business online 

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Producing a well crafted corporate video (or series of videos) is tremendously useful for business online. But the video itself is merely the foundations for what needs to come next. What many people and organisations need help in grasping is how to market that video for a good return on investment.

The medium of video is useful in many ways to both an SME (Small/Medium sized Enterprise) or a Corporation. It can show a client complicated business processes easily. It’s also useful for showing prospective clients your facilities and staff’s professionalism. Further to this you can target new business with engaging videos which effortlessly show your company’s unique selling points.

Call to action

In addition to producing a video which caters for any of the needs mentioned above – it’s important to feature a call to action on your video. Call to action generally feature at the end of the video – providing the client which contact details for the them to get in touch.

After the video has been produced, the next hurdle is to get it watched by as many people online as possible. Video is a great way of drawing in traffic to your website, as Search Engines rank videos generally higher than links that are purely text based.

As with websites, it’s important to optimise the videos that you produce with care, to ensure they are as attractive as possible to the Search Engines.

The first step is to ensure that the title of the video features the keyword(s) that you are looking to target.  Next is to have keywords in the transcript text that features around the video.

Google spiders

Every search engine sends out ‘spiders’ to search through websites  to find relevant content which forms a large part of the algorithm which the Search Engines use to form their results. Due to this it is also vital to have keyword heavy content in the transcript text, as these spiders can’t read video!

Heavy keyword content is important whether you are embedding the video within your site or featuring it in Youtube, or the wealth of other video sharing websites; because the spiders search through the sites in the same way.

There are a number of very useful sites that enable you to submit your video (along with keyword heavy text content) to all of the major video sharing sites in one go.

Among the best are

Tube Mogul



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