Video Seeding

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Everyone talks about web and viral video -but it would appear that viral video is a massive game of Roulette. This is a game in which hardly anyone is winning and most videos are being buried beneath the deluge of the millions of videos that are uploaded to YouTube and other video content sites every day.

Video seeding

Hightower Video are expert at video seeding. This works by getting your video in front of influential bloggers and other highly regarded users of social media. These influencers then share your video content with their network – and the network then share the content with THEIR network – thus the video has the kind of explosive exposure online that any marketer would love.

Video seeding through YouTube

YouTube is now the second biggest search engine online. The traffic and amount of video available on YouTube is mind boggling. Fortunately, we have the experience and ability to seed your video into Youtube so it will climb to the top of the charts and get your video and organisation the kind of exposure that multi-national corporations normally pay a lot more for.

We do all of this in a strictly white hat fashion – every hit that you get on your YouTube campaign with Hightower Video will be a real person!

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