Web Video Virals

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Web video is probably the most important element of marketing for the 21st Century.

Web video is everywhere – its use is exploding across the world. This is in part due to faster internet connections, which allow imformative, engaging video to take the place of boring blocks of text on sites.

Web savvy

Savvy companies are making use of people’s fondness for watching video online to get their company message across. Web browsers are becoming increasingly video centric – with the latest versions of popular software using graphics acceleration hardware to propel hours of Hi Def video to the end user with no buffering.

Smart phones, WIMAX and iPads are taking web video beyond the confines of the home and office – allowing people to be marketed to visually whereever they are.

With our enviable background in London based TV and Film, as well as our cutting edge technology department, we are able to keep ahead of the curve with web video and its thrilling future

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