Why is it important to have a marketing video made?

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Now that we’re in 2012, it is interesting to see the difference between organisations that have really adopted the potential for video production and others that are still a little cautious.

It is understandable in these times of recession for SMEs to be reticent about spending a good deal of marketing budget on a series of corporate or web videos. Spending thousands of pounds on a product that may not meet the company agenda, or get lost in the quagmire of content available to the public is daunting.

To those who haven’t totally adopted the genius of well made marketing web video – here are some thoughts

Articulating your message

Whatever your business might entail, the chances are that the product or service you are selling has some complex attributes, which the layman may have trouble understanding. With a good marketing video, you can articulate your message visually – perhaps showing off complicated machinery or having a potentially unexciting proposition explained with beautiful, colourful visuals.


A well produced video lends instant credibility to a brand. Note the emphasis on “well produced” – equally a poorly produced video can damage a company’s standing online.

Viral potential

The most interesting and exciting area of how web video is developing is with social video marketing. This is the process of getting your web video in front of influential internet folk who will share the content with their peer groups – allowing the content to go viral. This process is of course a lot more involved than merely sticking the video up on YouTube. Fortunately, we here at Hightower Video are very accomplished at social video and are excited about its future potential for both we and our clients.

To conclude we feel that marketing web video is potentially the most cost effective and wide reaching way of articulating your company’s message to your client. We’d love to help you out when the time is ready for you!


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