How Much Does a TV Advert Production Cost?

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A question that we are asked by many prospects on a regular basis is – how much does it cost to make a TV advert production?

Of course, there are many variables to consider such as location, stunts, props, actors and of course the TV broadcast air time, which is usually the most expensive component. In our experience, we estimate that this will tend to be around three times or more of the cost of the TV commercial production itself.

What can be done to keep TV commercial production costs optimised?

Here’s what to keep in mind for keeping the production cost of your ad minimised. Try to go for the minimum numbers when it comes to:

The number of production crew required for shooting the commercial

The number of days required for shoot

The number of acting cast required

Celebrities or famous faces that require large fees

Any ongoing cast fees for usage of ad

Post production, special effects or computer generated imagery (CGI)

The size of the TV commercial production company that you hire – the bigger the company, the larger the overheads and price

Before now, we have been issued with a budget and have brainstormed concepts and ideas. The concept that was eventually chosen came out at only half of the budget and the client was very happy with the results. Sometimes it’s the simple ideas that are the most successful.

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