How modern corporate video has helped the pharmaceutical industry

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The pharmaceutical industry was an early adaptor of corporate video for presenting various aspects of their business to the general public and inter-industry. This harks back to the early days of the medium – where everything was filmed on VHS or super 8 – and John Cleese and his Video Arts production company seemed to single handedly create an industry.

Since the advent of the internet and web video, technology has revolutionised the way corporate video can help a pharmaceutical company communicate – this article will explain how.

Drug trails and medical procedures

Having a video record of drug trials has been a great benefit for the industry since the technology has been available. Complicated processes can be easily conveyed on video. This has improved miserably thanks to miniaturisation of tech – meaning that cameras etc are less cumbersome themselves – as well as lenses being able to pick up microscopic detail.

Progress in computer animation has also helped a great deal in being able to illustrate complex chemical reactions and other processes. These also can be more cost effective than previous hand drawn methods

Event Video Production

Large scale events are also of course an important aspect of the industry. With large auditoriums comes the need for large screens showing the action to everyone from a distance. Production companies can cover the event with as many cameras as is necessary, with a director mixing great visuals  for the event and a video for after.

Awareness campaigns

There are many complicated and often dangerous aspects of the pharmaceutical industry that need explaining to the general public in an engaging and straight forward manner. Whether it is a video showing an elderly person how to take their medication correctly or how to administer CPR – a video awareness campaign can save a lot of time and money.

Interactive video

When seeking to engage the general public with an important, but not necessarily too dynamic product or service – a good way of doing it is creating an interactive video. Fundamentally these tend to be based around a video with multiple different outcomes. Like a modern version of “choose your own adventure stories”

There are of course many different variations on the theme, the benefit is the amount of interaction and time people spend with a well produced interactive video. Here is a great example by our friends at Scene Stealer

Video seeding

The final and most important component of corporate video in the digital age (if you’re looking to engage the public) is video seeding. Video seeding works by getting your video in front of influential bloggers and other highly regarded users of social media. These influencers then share your video content with their network – and the network then share the content with THEIR network – thus the video is seeded and goes viral.

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