Why Corporate Video Should Be Part of Your Digital Marketing Strategy

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If you have been following trends in marketing, you will have noticed that video marketing is on the rise. More businesses are integrating corporate videos as part of their digital marketing strategy. However, that everyone is doing it is not enough reason for you to do so. You have to ask yourself if including corporate videos as part of your marketing strategy will be beneficial to your business. The following points will convince you of the significance of corporate videos in your marketing efforts. But first, what exactly is a corporate video?

Corporate video

Unlike the regular marketing videos you know that are targeted towards convincing your viewers to buy or subscribe to a particular product or service, a corporate video aims tells the story of your organisation in an interesting way so that viewers are compelled to want to know more about your business, products and offerings. Corporate videos typically include a video coverage that shows a message from the CEO, a video that shows the work environment and profile of the company and even recruitment videos.

Now that we have an idea of what a corporate video is, how does it help in your digital marketing efforts?

Increase engagement –

Every form of video, whether sales video, recruitment video, CEO message or how-to video has one major advantage, it fosters engagement, especially when it can be shared on social media. There is 10 times more possibility of audiences engaging, commenting and sharing a video content than for blog or social media posts. In fact, studies have shown that Facebook Business Pages videos enjoy 33% more user engagement than other forms of shared videos. Therefore, it does not matter if you are posting a corporate video or an explainer video; you stand to enjoy a lot more engagement when you do that if you simply posted a text update.

Gives your brand a personality –

These days, consumers are tired of faceless, impersonal brands. They want something they can associate with and a corporate video is the fastest way to achieve this. Corporate videos are a great way to give your brand a personality; they actually increase brand awareness by as much as 33 percent, if not more. Corporate videos allow you to gain trust and connect emotionally with your customers as you can sell your message to them from a human perspective. Of course, an image is fine, but if an image is worth a thousand words, you can only imagine what a video is worth. It is safe to say that even a short video is worth millions of words to your customers.

Corporate videos build trust –

Without trust, most purchases will be impossible and in this era of multiple similar businesses online, it is not just your content, products and message that matter, it is the trust you are able to engender in the hearts of your customers. While there are tons of ways to build trust with your customers, corporate videos provide a way to achieve this quickly. Video content engages and ignites emotions; that is why YouTubers are some of the most influential people on the internet today. If you are serious about building trust and growing your business, you should consider creating and using a series of corporate videos including promotional videos on your website and social media profiles. Regardless of the business you do or what you sell, you can use these videos to ignite the right emotions in the minds of your viewers. After all, more than 57% of consumers agree that videos give them the confidence to do business with companies online.

Keep people on your site longer –

After putting a lot of work into your company, you want a way to highlight your achievements so that your customers can see the calibre of company they are dealing with. Corporate videos provide the perfect way to do that. But that is not all. When you place these videos on your website, you will find that visitors spend longer time on your site, and this is good for your site integrity and SEO. More than half of viewers will stay to watch more than 3/4 of a video on your website, much longer than most text based content. This is such a great way to tell visitors more about your company, increase visitor engagement and retention as well as draw attention to your important products and services.

Don’t forget that when customers spend longer time on your website, they end up making a buy decision in your favour.

Final words

Integrating corporate videos in your marketing strategy is a good idea. Thankfully, creating professional videos is not as difficult as it used to be. Why not try creating one today and watch to see the effect on your marketing efforts?

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