Meet The Team Video for Bright Interactive

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We were tasked with making a meet the team corporate video for Brighton based company Bright Interactive. We were very pleased to get this project for a few different reasons.

  1. It was to be shot in our home turf of Brighton.
  2. Vic and her team at Bright wanted to stand out from the deluge of boring talking head interviews being presented by their competitors for the Silicon Milkroundabout techie fair in London.
  3.  Bright gave us bags of creative control to have lots of fun.

Giddy with this amount of creative freedom, we decided to borrow inspiration from Snatch, the films of Edgar Wright (Shawn of the Dead et al) and the films of Arnold Schwarzenegger (Conan and Commando)

The shoot was a blast, with camera operator Steven Probets donning a wet suit and filming with a GoPro in the freezing end of October Brighton seas. We also ventured to the south downs and the roof of Bright’s offices in central Brighton.

The client was delighted with the end result and we look forward to them making waves at the Silicon Beach conference

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