The stages of corporate video production explained

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One of the many mysteries that cling on to the world of corporate video production that we’d like to dispel is that of the actual process itself. Now, normally when requesting a quote from a video production company, you would expect a breakdown of the elements involved in pre-production, production and post – but perhaps the terminologies and technologies involved are a mystery. In this article I’ll explain in overview, the whole process.


Pre-production is the entire prep period for the video. Typically the client will liaise with the production company either face to face or on the phone/Skype to discuss the structure, content and tone of the video. This process can vary a great deal dependant on the client and the layers of creative input from creative agencies, internal creative’s, marketers etc.

A helping hand

If the client is in need of guidance the production company can assist with establishing the creative tone of the production. Also important is managing expectations in terms of budget. The production company can also help with content, writing a script and producing story boards for the video.

It is also perfectly normal for a creative agency to take the lead in pre-production and establish the tone and feel of the production – also taking care of script and other creative elements. As a bit of insider knowledge – production companies *do* enjoy taking the lead in preproduction – but certainly (normally) get stuffy about elements within the clients organisation or creative agency.


This is the meat of the production. Where the magic happens! Production can take many different flavours, from a studio based production, a location or an office based shoot. The production stage is also normally the most expensive element of the video, due to day rates of production crew, actors and location fees.

A production is generally at its most competitive in terms of price if it only lasts a day. Multiple day shoots involve more day rates for talent and crew and also the potential for overnight stays, expenses etc.

The producer will co-ordinate the whole production process, but it is very normal for the client to be present for the shoot, either in a supervisory capacity, or sometimes as the star of the piece!.

Post Production

Post provides a plethora of potential for your corporate video. Thanks to advances in technology, we are way past the point of post being purely about cutting the video. Now we have wealth of affordable technology and skilled operators to create incredible visuals. Here at Butchers Hook Video, we spend a good deal of time creating exciting visuals with many different software packages – including Adobe AfterEffects, Maya and 3D StudioMax. These technologies have brought high end TV advert type visuals to the corporate video – you can see some recent examples of what we have achieves with computer generated graphics here.

After cutting and the inclusion of CG graphics, the next stage is to use a programme like Apple’s Final Cut Pro or a more expensive solution like Da Vinci to give your video a grading to give it a filmic, stylish look as necessary.

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