Video Production Resources

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Want to know more about video production creation in the industry? We have put together the ultimate video production guide, information on video production roles in the industry and our very own video creation tips for those making their own video.

The Ultimate Video Production Guide

This guide covers every type of video production, from feature to corporate video and music video to TV advert. The guide gives a potted history of all these mediums and how they are continually evolving.

Video Production Roles

Every video production features a crew of varying size to cater for the capturing of the director’s vision. In this guide we will cover all the main proponants of the production crew – from director through camera department to runner and all points in between.

Video Production Advise

This section will give the reader an insight to many elements of modern video production from us experienced old hands at Hightower Video. Topics will be as widespread as possible – we will feature everything – warts and all!.

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