How web video can dramatically help your business – some insider knowledge

2 mins read

There are many ways in which a web video can help any business, from a huge blue chip multi-national all the way to a sole trader, working from their garage. Frequently, clients come to us, knowing they can benefit from web videos – but having no real idea of what the many benefits are.  In this article I’ll explain some.


A well produced web video on a home page delivering a strong message adds hugely to a website’s perceived professionalism

Overview of the site

A video can give a concise explanation of the features of the website, something which can be difficult with endless banks of text


Further into the site, well constructed seminars and webinars can help clients with more technical aspects of your product.

Case Studies

Testimonials and case studies are ideal for showing off your company’s professionalism to potential future clients. What better way than to have existing client’s raving about your services?

Project Progression videos

Another great idea is to chart the progressive of a large project with ongoing production videos. These visually chart how your company works and is also a big draw as the more video on your site – the better for the Search Engines.

Interactive Video

A massive draw for many types of marketing video – as this type of web video draws the potential client in and retains their interest with intriguing content.

Marketing web videos

For marketing, web videos are becoming significantly more important. For any organisation, having a video go viral is fantastic of course for brand/product awareness. It is also very important for Search Engine Optimisation reasons. Google rates websites with a lot of videos well and ensures higher results for those sites with video content.

Probably the most important aspect of getting high results on the Search Engine results pages is to have good quality back links. A viral video, which is shared across the internet will gain your site a lot of vital high quality inbound links. Proper optimisation will ensure your site is riding high!

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