Product Animation Video for Asset Bank

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No April fools here – this is a animated product video for a returning client – Bright – and their Digital Asset Management service – Asset Bank.

After the very positive experience we had with making our previous video for Bright (which you can see here) we were happy to return to produce a very different video – an After Effects based animation.

Once again Bright brand manager was good enough to be open to lots of creative input which allowed for a great collaborative project. The plan was to introduce people to the concept of a DAM then intro the Asset Bank system in a very non-pushy way.

The video shows our hero Alice, a marketing manager navigating the complexities of managing a big companies digital assets, feeling unstuck before being introduced to the wonders of Asset Bank.

The video will be going to various conferences as well as being central to the new Asset Bank website.

Another fun, creative and collaborative experience with us and Vic and the team at Bright 🙂

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