How to generate mass awareness through your video content


Did you know, In 2021, 86% of businesses use video as a marketing tool, a 25% increase in 5 years.

But how do you use video to generate mass awareness?

The first stop is to have a plan and to build a solid strategy. Tell your story and make it personal, remember – people buy from people.

It’s also very important to know and appeal to your audience. They need to feel like they’re being engaged

Make the content different and left of field – people click away from dull content FAST.

Also please keep it short, humans have a notoriously short attention span…

When the content has been produced, work hard to publish and promote as far and wide as possible – using social media, your website and any other relevant channel.

Keep pushing the content – using ethical means of course!

Finally, track metrics and stats, to determine which videos do the best – and why

Now with a bit of luck, you have an amazing piece of video content which is primed to generate lots of awareness!

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