The no-nonsense guide to TV advertising


Today I’m going to give you a short, no-nonsense guide to TV advertising.

Firstly, it’s not as complicated or daunting as you might think. For a newbie the whole process might seem totally alien, but hire the right creative or production company and let them take the load.

Know your audience – what kind of person has the issue you can fix for them? What channels do they watch? At what times? Where are they in the country? Do they respond well to offers?

Have a strategy – an extension of the above of course. Make sure to find a brilliant media agency who will build a rock solid strategy that will go hand in glove with the beautiful, effective creative you are having produced.

Hire a production company with experience in your vertical. Most production companies have sectors they are most comfortable with, use that ease and experience to create a good synergy between your firm and the production house.

Hire a celebrity – celebrity endorsement is a fantastic hack to building authority and trust with your brand on TV. Mix the celebrity’s brand with your own for terrific results.

Go left field, 89% of TV adverts are wall paper and forgotten before the 30 seconds is up. Make your advert memorable!

And finally make sure the production company knows Clearcast inside out. Not sure what Clearcast is? I could talk for three quarters of an hour about it – click the link to hear more..!

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