What Results Can Be Achieved Through Broadcast Media

Hi. In this video I’m going to talk through what can actually be achieved by broadcast media advertising. Now the topic can be pretty daunting to company owners or marketing folk who haven’t dipped their toes in before but this area isn’t half as scary when the core elements are laid out well. Done correctly, TV advertising will turbocharger a marketing campaign or launch a product quicker than pretty much any other marketing channel.

A useful example is a client in the conservatory space we launched on TV. Before we worked with them they had made decent inroads into the market, but wanted to go bigger. With the advert we produced and a smart, effective strategy campaign, their business exploded and they’re now industry leaders in their vertical.

The sheer number of potential customers you can reach in one hit with a TV advert campaign is unparalleled and the positive effects even last after the campaign has finished.

Targeting is a question I get asked a lot by potential clients. How can there be any kind of guarantee the commercial will be seen by the right people? The first consideration is the amount of digital channels available. There are hundreds of channels which each cater for a specific audience. Marketers can really drill down to a specific audience with a good deal of precision. An example might be if Hightower is approached by a kitchen company, which has a target audience of ABC one females over the age of 50. We would work with a media agency to produce and build a strategy plan for an advert to be shown on channels like ITV3, think Midsomer Murder, Heartbeat, and classic Corey. The result would be the kitchen products on show to exactly the audience the client’s after.

With the main traditional channels, this level of targeting works in a different way. With ICV and Channel Four, the map of the UK has been divided up into smaller chunks, usually two per county, so a theoretical kitchen company might want to target homes in London, Surrey, and the east ridings of Yorkshire. No problem.

Technology also has a huge impact on targeting on TV. A good example is Sky’s Ad Smart system, which is able to target specific households through their current generation set-top box. This is cross-referenced with a rigorous amount of customer data to make the targeting extremely specific. Every major broadcaster also has a video on demand service, which also allows advertisers to reach much more specific audiences with their product.

Reach has also increased by the modern prevalence of second screening. The customer sees the TV advert then flips directly to the tablet or laptop in their hand, heading to the advertiser’s website. It’s important in these cases to have landing pages specific to the offers or products featured in the adverts. These lovely leads still need to be converted of course. Ultimately TV advertising can be a perfect solution for company owners and marketing directors if carried out effectively. In terms of reach, awareness, and prestige, it’s hard to beat. To find out more, give us a call.

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