Why do marketing directors struggle when it comes to driving real results through their content?


A question I get asked a lot by Marketing Directors is why real results aren’t being achieved through their video content.

The first common cause starts before the project itself is underway. It’s so important to build a comprehensive strategy for the content. The most beautiful video in the world is pointless if it’s not being seen and appreciated by anyone.

Another issue is a lack of knowledge of the customer and their needs. It’s a truism in marketing, but customers really don’t care about your company or how many USPs you can fit into a video. They want to have THEIR issues and needs addressed.

Cost is a biggie or course, marketing folk are often fearful of video content being too expensive.

However marketing directors are often too budget-centric and squeeze the production company too hard – sacrificing quality for cost.

What’s important to remember is that if the content is produced and strategized properly, the ROI can be off the chart.

Also worth considering is that boring content is everywhere, it’s so important to engage your audience and not put them to sleep. Fortunately market research is a great tool to really drill into what the needs and wants of the customer would be.

Another reason results aren’t being achieved is a struggle to quantity ROI. If the wrong metrics are used within the strategy, the end result won’t be good.

Without a plan the whole exercise of video marketing is a leap of faith, which is why all the planning is so crucial.

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