Case Study – How We Achieved 11 Times Ad Spend ROI For Conservatory Insulations

Today I’m going to talk through a case study of a repeat client we’ve worked with for a number of years now, Conservatory Insulations. Conservatory Insulations were already established as a leading supplier of conservatory roof insulation, ensuring that customer’s conservatories are kept at an even temperature year round. A classic complaint from conservatory owners is that they are too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter. ConIns’ exclusive insulation product solves these issues, and can be installed in as little as a day.

We were approached by ConIns and their media company to produce a direct response TV advert which would capitalise on their highly effective product which had mainly been promoted previously in press adverts. The client’s aim was to increase the sales revenue and expand the company to become the undisputed market leader in the UK. After discussions with the client, we decided the best way to approach the TV campaign was to use a celebrity endorsement. We decided on presenter of Changing Rooms and doyen of daytime TV Anna Ryder Richardson, whose appeal to ConIns’ 55+ audience would translate well to the brand.

As this was a direct response TV advert, we ensured that the phone number and website address took pride of place to ensure that customers would take action. We also included an offer to further encourage customers to get in touch. The advert was produced and went on air for five weeks in September in Channel 4’s south area. Within two weeks the second campaign was launched. We were very pleased to learn that sales leaped up over the course of that first five weeks, providing a five to one return on advertising investment. The clients saw and acted on how well the advert was resonating by increasing the ad spend quite considerably, and ROAS improved by more than double over the course of the next few months.

The advert helped Conservatory Insulations beat their previous year annual turnover in less than six months. Since that point a few years ago, we have enjoyed watching ConIns go from strength to strength, along the way producing two more TV ads featuring Anna. Conservatory Insulations are now the undisputed leader in their vertical in the UK, and credit the TV adverts produced by Hightower as being instrumental in that success.

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